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Setup eduroam Android

Setup eduroam Android


Automatic setup using geteduroam

Manual setup of an eduroam connection


For the following steps your device needs a working "WiFi" or "Mobile Data" access.

Note: The images shown here may differ on your device.

Automatic setup using

  1. On the mobile device, select Play Store. Search for the free APP geteduroam from SURF B.V. and install it.

    App geteduroam App geteduroam

  2. Start the APP and select the organization Justus-Liebig-Universität first.
    App geteduroam Konfiguration starten App geteduroam Konfiguration starten JLU suchen App geteduroam Konfiguration starten JLU gewählt
  3. If you have selected Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, you will be directed to enter your user name and password. Enter your user name (HRZ-Kennung) here (their s, g, or j identifier, respectively) along with your network password (Netzpasswort). Pay attention to upper/lower case when entering the password.

  4. Finally, we recommend saving the created connection as a configured network.

    Netzwerk eduroam speichern
  5. Finally, you will receive a message that the WLAN (Wi-Fi) is configured ready.

    Wi-Fi konfiguriert

Manual setup of an eduroam connection

  1. The first thing you need here is the root certificate. Enter a browser of your choice the following web address of the University of Giessen
    or scan the QR code below. Download the certificate. It is normally stored under /Internal storage/Download.

  2. After you have downloaded the certificate, you can see the certificate in your download folder. When you click on the file, a message like the following appears. You can close this (click Close).

    Zertifikat Meldung nach Download
  3. Now you can connect to the WiFi eduroam. In the settings for this you have to select TTLS in the dropdon menu under EAP method and then click on Install certificates.

    Einstellungen WLAN eduroam
  4. In the file browser that opens, select the certificate you just downloaded (you find it in the downloads folder). You will be prompted to give the certificate a name. You can do this, but you can also keep the name suggested there, which corresponds to the file name. Confirm here with OK.

    Name für das Zertifikat eingeben
  5. Furthermore, you must now make the following settings or entries::
    Identity: your username (your s-, g- or j-identifier) plus
    Anonymous identity:
    Password: Your network password
    Confirm the entries with CONNECT.

    Benutzerdaten für eduroam-Zugang eintragen
  6. Afterwards you should be connected to the WiFi eduroam

    mit WLAN eduroam verbunden

Optionally, you can set the certificate setting via the settings as follows

  1. Download the certificate to your device via link or QR code as described above.
  2. Now go to Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Other security settings -> Install from device memory.
    App geteduroam Konfiguration starten App geteduroam Konfiguration starten JLU suchen App geteduroam Konfiguration starten JLU gewählt
    If you now select the item CA certificate under Install from device memory, you will receive a warning message:
    App geteduroam App geteduroam
    Here you choose Install anyway.
  3. Now go to the location of the certificate and select it:
    App geteduroam App geteduroam
  4. The certificate is now installed:
     Zertifikat installiert


In case of problems with the connection to eduroam, please contact the Helpdesk of the HRZ.

This is how you can contact the helpdesk:

Telephone: 0641 99 13100