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The BION - yesterday and today

BION Außenansicht

The Bender Institute of Neuroimaging is named after Hans Bender (1907 - 1991), who was Professor at the University of Freiburg and founded the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health there in 1950. The BION is a research facility for investigating neural correlates of psychological processes. 

History of the BION

In 2000, the IGPP approved a grant of 7 mill. DM from funds of the Holler-Stiftung to Prof. Dr. Dieter Vaitl in order to purchase a MRI scanner and to put up a new building of around 400 m². In 2005 the building was extended with a second floor, so that 800 m² are available now.

BION innen

In the first decade, research was focused primarily on the neural correlates of emotional processess, on phenomena of altered states of consciousness, learning and attention as well as pain processing. The studies were covering basic and applied/clinical research (e. g. on anxiety disorders).

In 2012 Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stark took over the position of the managing director from Prof. Dr. Dieter Vaitl and the BION became a research facility of the Department of Psychology and Sports Science.

The BION today

In 2014 a 3 Tesla Siemens Prisma MRI system was installed, which was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, 50%) and by the state of Hessen and the Justus Liebig University (50%). As part of the Department of Psychology and Sports Science the BION can be used for conducting research by all working groups of the department. While the research interests of the different working groups are quite distinct, they are all striving to understand the neurobiological foundations of psychological processes.