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The JLU Willem C. Vis Moot Team 2020/2021

Veronika Seidel, Jana A. Schäfer-Giese, Melissa Klamp, Maike Kappes (v.l.n.r.)

Maike Kappes


Maike Kappes is a 22-year-old law student in her 5th semester. She started her law studies at the Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen in 2018 and is working as a student assistant at the professorship for Criminal Law. Maike was always fascinated by different cultures and languages – this is why she spent a one-year volunteering in Peru for the NGO “Corazones para Perú” and one year in Mexico. Additionally, she is involved in the Refugee Law Clinic. By participating in the Willem C. Vis Moot she aims to learn more about practicing law, especially concerning the international aspects.  Maike is happy about the opportunity to have an exchange with law students in other countries and  working together with the Team. Furthermore, she wants to take the chance to improve her English skills. Maike is pleased to be part of the JLU Team and she is looking forward to getting some great experience.

Melissa Klamp


Melissa is a 22-year-old law student and studies law in her fifth semester at Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen. Right after her graduation in 2016 she spent three months in Canada. Besides the regular studies Melissa is currently involved in ELSA-Giessen e.V. During her stay abroad Melissa enjoyed the different culture but also Canada’s beautiful nature which made her become a true nature lover since then. In her time off she practices Yoga and weight training, which helps her finding the perfect balance in her everyday hassle and staying focused. Her main aims for the Vis Moot are to improve her English skills and to work on her confidence and public appearance. She is very curious about and interested in alternative dispute resolution in general. She wants to take this unique chance to learn more about international trade law and arbitration and to meet people from all over the world.


Jana A. Schäfer-Giese


Jana Alicia Schäfer-Giese is 23 years old and currently in the sixth semester of her legal studies at the Justus Liebig Universität Gießen. Her fascination to different cultural and legal backgrounds made her choose private international law as her academic specialization. During her studies she already participated in an additional three-semester legal English course which helped her to improve her language skills and gave her insights on different legal systems. An additional project she is currently working on is a legal tech initiative with a team of interested students. The participation in the Moot Court is a further step for her to gain more experience in private international law as well as in the field of arbitration. Her guiding principle is  always being open to opportunities, people and changes.

Veronika Seidel


Veronika Seidel is a 24-year-old law student in her 6th semester.  After finishing her A-levels in 2014, she started to study Linguistics and Economics at University of Siegen, which she successfully completed in 2018. Afterwards she began her law studies at the Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen. By participating in the Willem C. Vis Moot she aims to expand her legal knowledge, particularly in the field of private international law. For her the participation is a great opportunity to improve her language skills and get to know the work of a lawyer in the field of arbitration. In addition to that, she is looking forward to working on the case with the team and representing her University internationally.

Marius Gehler (Coach)

Marius studied law at the Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen which he successfully completed in 2018. Since then he works as a research fellow and doctoral candidate at the professorship for Civil Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law (Prof. Dr. Benicke). Marius participated in the 21st Willem C. Vis Moot representing the JLU Gießen. He coaches the JLU Team for the third time this year. Due to his own participation in the Moot, his core subject studies “Commercial Law“ and his work in two different major law firms in the department dispute resolution in Frankfurt/Main during his studies he gained deeper knowledge in arbitration and the CISG as well which he wants to transmit to the team members. He aims to support the JLU Team and help them succeed in the competition.  

In his time off Marius commits himself to his two main passions: music and sports. Marius is very interested in classic and contemporary Rock Music, he owns a huge collection of CDs and plays classic and electric guitar. Marius is also a passionate endurance athlete, he was riding racing bicycle professionally since he was a teenager and continues this hobby during his studies as an offset. After his university degree he started to practice Triathlon to enjoy even more variety – his major goal is to qualify for Iron Man in Hawaii within the next few years.