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Lee, Huey Tyng


 Huey Tyng Lee

Research interests

I was luckily enough to have a very interesting PhD project. I worked on seagrass genomes to understand the genetics of marine adaptation. Seagrasses are “whales of the plant kingdom”, as they have land plant ancestors and evolved to re-adapt to the marine environment, or “return” to the sea. My main research outcomes are 1) genomic comparisons between seagrass and land plant models revealed gene loss/modifications of multiple pathways, such as cell wall modification and ethylene signalling, in seagrass; and 2) two independent seagrass lineages separated by around 30 My share lost and retained genes, therefore providing evidence for habitat-driven convergent evolution.

This study sheds light on the genomics of this early branch in plant evolution history, as well as the genetic mechanisms of plant adaptation.

I hope to utilise my knowledge in plant genomics and plant adaptation for canola breeding in JLU.



June 2018 - present               Postdoc bioinformatician at Justus Liebig University, Giessen

August 2017-April 2018         Postdoc at the Applied Bioinformatics Group in University of Western Australia

2014-July 2017                       PhD in Applied Bioinformatics at University of Queensland

2013                                       Bioinformatics specialist at Genome Institute of Singapore

2010-2012                              Bioinformatician at Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre

2006-2009                              Bachelor of Science, Honours in Biochemistry at University of Adelaide, Australia


Research keywords

Plant genomics, crop genomics, seagrass genomics, comparative genomics, ecological and evolutionary genetics



Lee HT, Golicz AA, Bayer PE, Severn-Ellis A, Chan KCK, Batley J, Kendrick GA, Edwards D (2018) Genomic comparison of two independent seagrass lineages reveals habitat-driven convergent evolution. J Exp Bot 2018, in press

Yuan Y, Lee HT, Hu H, Scheben A, Edwards D (2018) Single-cell genomic analysis in plants. Genes 2018, 9, 50 

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Montenegro JD, Golicz AA, Bayer PE, Hurgobin B, Lee HT, Chan CK, Visendi P, Lai K, Dolezel J, Batley J, Edwards D (2017) The pangenome of hexaploid bread wheat. Plant J 90: 1007-1013  

Lee HT, Golicz AA, Bayer PE, Jiao Y, Tang H, Paterson AH, Sablok G, Krishnaraj RR, Chan CK, Batley J, Kendrick GA, Larkum AW, Ralph PJ, Edwards D (2016) The Genome of a Southern Hemisphere Seagrass Species (Zostera muelleri). Plant Physiol 172: 272-283  

Davey PA, Pernice M, Sablok G, Larkum A, Lee HT, Golicz A, Edwards D, Dolferus R, Ralph P (2016) The emergence of molecular profiling and omics techniques in seagrass biology; furthering our understanding of seagrasses. Funct Integr Genomics 16: 465-480  

Golicz AA, Schliep M, Lee HT, Larkum AW, Dolferus R, Batley J, Chan CK, Sablok G, Ralph PJ, Edwards D (2015) Genome-wide survey of the seagrass Zostera muelleri suggests modification of the ethylene signalling network. J Exp Bot 66: 1489-1498  

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Jenny Lee

Room B319

Department of Plant Breeding

IFZ Research Centre for Biosystems, Land Use and Nutrition

Justus Liebig University

Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32

35392 Giessen, Germany

Tel: +49 641 99 37445