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In the GGL, doctoral projects are embedded in topic-oriented research. Admission is international, and teaching is carried out in the English language. In association with the GGL the medical faculties offer a PhD – MD/PhD programme.


Family and Career - Early Career Researchers in the Spotlight

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This series gives junior scientists a possibility to approach specific challenges on the compatibility of family and career. During each meeting experts give information on a specific topic, discuss concerns individually and point out ideas and solutions. The series was launched last semester and is now continued. 


Brown-Bag-Session: Combining Family and (Academic) Career (Register here)


In the summer semester 2019, JLU’s Graduate Centres GGL, GGS, and GGK/GCSC, JLU’s Career Centre Plus and Research Campus of Central Hesse invite all early career researchers to three “Brown Bag Sessions” on the topics of 'Career or children: Both is possible! With the right employer', 'Career with a child: Experiences and Discussions' and 'Starting a Family in Germany'. All sessions will be held in German.

All participants are invited to bring their lunch along, as these sessions take place during lunchtime. Water and coffee will be offered.






Tue., 14.05.2019 - 12am-2pm st

Seminarroom 315 (Main Building), Ludwigstr. 23, 35390 Gießen

Topic: 'Career or children: Both is possible! With the right employer'

Speakers: Nicole Beste-Fopma (Expert for the compatibility of family and career, publisher of the LOB magazine and author)


The chances never have been better to start a career and to have children at the same time. The working environment is getting more and more family-conscious and simultaneously a transfer is taking place from an employer-based-market to an employee-based-market.  That means those who are well educated are able to choose their employer nowadays. However, how can you identify a suitable employer? Preferable one who still encourages your further career even after and with children present. Nicole Beste-Fopma is informing you to do exactly that with an interactive presentation.


Tue., 11.06.2019 - 12am-2pm ct

Seminarroom 315 (Main Building), Ludwigstr. 23, 35390 Gießen

Topic: 'Academic Career with a child: Experiences and Discussions'

Speaker: Julia Lefèvre (Department of Law) / Prof. Dr. Jan Häusser (Psychology)


A scientific career with a child, is that even possible? Which challenges do I have to expect? How did the others do it? How can I learn from them? Within the scope of the second brown-bag-sessions of the summer semester, Julia Lefèvre and Prof. Dr. Jan Häuser will talk about their own experiences as parents who work in a scientific discipline and will be ready to answer your questions.


Tue., 09.07.2019 - 12am-2pm ct

Room 201 (Erwin-Stein-Building), Goethestraße 58, 35390 Gießen

Topic:  Checklist: Family Support Structures in Germany

Speakers: Silvia Boide (GCSC)


Children raise questions – even before they are born: How long do I want to take a break from my job? Which financial supports are aiding my plans and how can I apply for them? Which rights and responsibilities do I have regarding my employer or my grant donor? When do I have to start to bother myself with all the planning? Within this presentation you´ll get an overview about relevant information regarding pregnancy, parental leave and reentrance.


Nicole Beste-Fopma worked several years in the industry and always worked full-time. After her relocation to Alzenau, she started her own business in 2011 with the LOB magazine for working mothers and fathers. In this first German magazine for the compatibility of family and career, she provides valuable contributions on the theme. Since 2016 she is a member of the “Bundesvorstand des BPW Germany e.V. (Business and Professional Women)” and responsible for the communication department.

  •  Julia Lefèvre: 

Since 2015, Julia Lefèvre is a scientific staff member at the institute for “Anwaltsorientierte Juristenausbildung (IAJ)” at the faculty for law and is working as coordinator for the justmento Mentoring Program. Her scientific focus is digitalization and/of law, legal tech and their impact on legal advice and civil rights. Before that, she worked as project manager for a seminar provider and as consultant at an exhibition company. Furthermore, she worked as lawyer and as mediator. Ms. Lefèvre is a full qualified lawyer and a business graduate (FH). She studied business studies at the “Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW)“ in Bergisch Gladbach, law at the JLU and absolved her legal clerkship at the land court Darmstadt. Julia Lefèvre is engaged and has a 2-year-old daughter as well as a 13-year-old stepdaughter.

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Häusser:

Prof. Dr. Jan Häusser is since 2016 professor for sociopsychology at the JLU. His scientific focus is social identity and stress, effects of sleep deprivation on decision-making as well as the connection between work, physical exercise and health. Before he joined the JLU, he worked in Hildesheim and Göttingen. Jan Häusser is married and has two children. They are 4 and 7 years old.