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Language Technology and Foreign Language Teaching (MA)

The main language of instruction of this course of study is German. All language subjects are also taught in the respective language; almost all English courses are taught in English.

Target group

The Master`s degree course in Language Technology and Foreign Language Teaching is directed at learners who want to participate in designing concepts for future language learning in the conflict area of the digital media, E-learning, the teaching of foreign languages and language technology. In this area the main concern is the problem of creating and evaluating a concept of a digital learning environment and the effective combining of learning material, methodology and technologies, new didactic challenges in the further development of learning environments and the integration of language technology processes in hypermedial learning software.


Master of Arts (MA)

Duration of studies

4 semesters - 120 credit points (CP)


since 21 August 2007


The projected training for the Master`s course in Language Technology and Foreign Language Teaching (Sprachtechnologie und Fremdsprachendidaktik (MSF)) is closely connected to current research.
All the practical language sections of modern language departments in the JLU Gießen (English, German, Romance languages, Slavic languages (Faculty 05 - Language, Literature, Culture) and Turkish (Faculty 04 – History and Cultural Studies) are also involved, as are those subjects with didactics sections (Didactics of English and of Romance Languages, German as a Foreign Language).  The following subjects are offered:                          
  • English Linguistics,
  • English Language Teaching,
  • German Linguistics,
  • Computer Linguistics and Text Technology,
  • German as a Foreign Language,
  • Romance Linguistics,
  • Romance Language Teaching,
  • Slavic Linguistics,
  • Turkish Linguistics.
For this course the necessary close cooperation between language teaching and linguistics is not just to be desired. It has been general practice at the JLU for quite some time.

Entrance requirements

The requirement for acceptance into the Master`s course is to have completed a Bachelor`s degree with a relevant subject profile that preceding studies have imparted relevant knowledge of the philology of a foreign language (including German as a foreign language) or in computer linguistics/language technology and the study requirements have been fulfilled.

Comparable final qualifications can be recognized by the board of examiners after they have looked at the qualifications individually. The applicants must prove certain language prerequisites: information about all study requirements

A prerequisite for acceptance into the Master`s degree course is an entrance interview which takes place with an admissions committee appointed by the board of examiners. More on this...   
Within a time limit of two weeks the applicant is invited to the entrance interview, which must take place within six weeks after the end of the application deadline.

Application and admission

  • The degree course is not limited internally.
  • The general application deadline of JLU Gießen is July 15 for the winter semester.
  • Please note that the application period for the Master's course can be extended. This information will be published here (in German).
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. More on this...

Commencement of study

Only possible in the winter semester.

Composition of degree programme

The curriculum is divided into three parts:

Phase I (30 cp) ensures that the students first take formal classes which are not directly connected to what has been emphasized in their initial degree course. Students with a background involving computer linguistics will first take modules with an emphasis on foreign language teaching and text linguistics, students with a background of foreign language teaching will take modules with an emphasis on computer linguistics and text linguistics.

Phase II (60 cp) serves the function of connecting the linguistic and didactic components of the course and bringing the students up to the current level of research. 10 cp are concerned with the core area of E-Learning. Thematically, 20 cp are directly concerned with the role of the digital media in the acquisition and impartation of foreign languages. 10 cp expand and deepen computer- and corpus-linguistic knowledge. The tasks done are intended to establish the students’ understanding of computer- and corpus-linguistic approaches to foreign language acquisition. 10 cp give a research-based expansion of the text- and medialinguistic knowledge or include a subject-specific linguistic dimension. 10 cp are reserved for the project module, which involves a project to be conducted individually which refers to a profession-relevant area of activity. In the project the students should, with the help of scientific literature, discuss a question related to their chosen area of practice and provide computer- and corpus-linguistic instruments of analysis for use in language teaching and language learning software. Each project is supervised by two members of staff: one from the area of foreign language teaching and one from linguistics. A project report is to be presented in a block style project meeting, using professional presentation techniques.

Phase III (30 cp)
is reserved for the Master`s thesis. This must deal with a practice-based topic from the area of language technology and foreign language learning. The Master`s thesis should show whether the candidate is able to work independently on a problem from his/her subject, using scientific methods and the instruments available for use in the subject within a prescribed time limit. More on this...

Further information

  • The student handbook is available on the right

Subject advisors

English Department

Contact person 
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10 house B

German Department

Contact person
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10 house B

Romance Department

Dr. Antje Lobin
Institut für Romanistik
Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21, house G, room 214
Phone: 0641 - 99 31133

Slavic Department

Daniel Müller
Institut für Slavistik
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10, house D, room 510
Phone: 0641 - 99 31183

Turkish Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Mark Kirchner
Institut für Turkologie
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10, house E, room 206
Phone: 0641 - 99 31070