Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Full Registration Process

Below you will get an overview about the whole application procedure divided into steps for regular as well as partial scholarship applicants. Please check by yourself in which step you're at the moment.

1st Step - Application 

To apply for our program please fill in the application document. The application start will be on the first of December 2021! Decisions on applications will be made in the order of their arrival as of the beginning of January 2022.

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email stating that we received your application. We will take some time to thoroughly review your documents before we will get back to you via email in order to let you know about our decision.


To apply for the U.S.-German Summer Law School, please send us the following documents:

  • Application form: Download the application here 
  • your CV
  • vaccination certificate (COVID - 19)
  • motivation letter
  • a certificate of your proficiency in the English language (non-native speakers)
  • a transcript of records (optional)
  • a picture of you (optional) 

Submit your application at  

Application Deadline: May 31st 2022


2nd Step - Acceptance and Application Fee

After you got accepted for the program you have to transfer the application fee of 250,- Euro to our University Bank account within 14 calendar days.

Please note: Transfer fees have to be paid by the participant!

In case you would like to avoid bank fees, of course you are welcome to transfer the complete program fee in one payment. As bank transfers may take some time, a proof of payment (e.g. by sending a faxed or scanned copy of the money transfer form) will be highly appreciated.

Please note: Payments can only be made by bank transfer!


3rd Step - Applying for Visa

After we have received your 250,- Euro application fee payment, we will send you an invitation letter and an insurance letter. With those documents please visit your next German embassy and apply for a „Schengen VISA“ as soon as possible.

More informations at our embassy website 

Please note: If you were applying late and we are already in May, make sure that you would make an appointment at your nearest German embassy already after applying for the program. It is easier to cancel an appointment after you got rejected than getting a last-minute appointment after you got accepted.


4th Step - Complete your Payment

If not already done during the second step yet, please complete your payment within 28 calendar days after you got accepted to the program. Please note that transfer fees have to be paid by the participant. As bank transfers may take some time, a proof of payment (e.g. by sending a faxed or scanned copy of the money transfer form) will be highly appreciated.


5th Step - Making Travel Arrangements

Book your flights and prepare everything for your travel. Inform yourself in which form you need your vaccination certificate. Please let uns know when your are going to arrive in Giessen. Send us an email with your flight details so we can prepare your arrival.

6th Step - You're almost there!

Don't forget your flight and/or train tickets, VISA documents, your passport, your vaccination certificate and any medication you might need! We are looking forward to meeting you soon in Giessen!