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Welcome to the TANNRE Project

Final Report and Project Completion
After more than three years, the TANNRE project ended in 2021. The final report will be publicly accessible on the website of the Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library (TIB).
Out Now: Article in Edited Volume
A new article by the TANNRE project entitled "Wissen als Treiber für Wandel. Die Harmonisierung von Nachhaltigkeitsverständnissen in der globalen Ernährungspolitik [Knowledge as Driver for Change. Harmoninzing Understandings of Sustainability in Global Food Governance]" was published.
New Journal Article
A new research article entitled "Aligned Sustainability Understandings? Global Inter-Institutional Arrangements and the Implementation of SDG 2" by Helmut Breitmeier, Sandra Schwindenhammer, Andrés Checa, Jacob Manderbach and Magdalena Tanzer was published in the journal "Politics and Governance".

The research project “The Transformation Potential of Inter-institutional Arrangements and the Norm of Sustainability in the Global Regime Complex for Food” (TANNRE) analyzes the normative foundations of the global regime complex for food. It focuses on the conditions and regulatory mechanisms for managing fundamental norm conflicts between the norm of sustainability and other food norm concepts such as food security and food sovereignty. The project is located at the Institute of Political Science of Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany. TANNRE is conducted by two Principal Investigators - Prof. Dr. Helmut Breitmeier and Dr. Sandra Schwindenhammer - and three research assistants - Andrés Checa, Jacob Manderbach and Magdalena Tanzer.