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Liber cure cocorum, ca. 1430

Liber cure cocorum, ca. 1430
-- Text: Liber cure cocorum. Copied and edited from the Sloane Ms. 1986 by Richard Morris. Published for the Philological Society. Berlin 1862.
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Now speke I wele a lytul more
Of craft, iwys, þat tase grete lore
In court, þat men calles cure,
Þat most be don in þrinne degre;
Þis hasteler, pasteler, and potagere,
and 3et þo scoler þat foloes in fere,
Fyrst to 3ow I wylle shawe
Þo poyntes of cure, al by rawe,
Of Potage, hastery, and bakun mete,
And petecure, I nylle for3ete.
Þo names in tabulle I schalle sete
Þo number in augrym above, with outen lete,
In augrim þat schalle wryten be,
An þo tytels with in on þo same degre.

Incipit tabula cure, primo, de potagiis: --



Now sly3tes of cure wylle I preche,
How somme mete schalle seme raw I teche;
Take harus blode, or kyddus ful fayre,
And dry hit in powder and kepe hit fro ayre;
When flesshe or fysshe his served wele hote,
Cast on þe powder of hare I wot;
Hit is so frym, ren hyt wylle
An malt as sugar, by ry3t good skylle
And make þo flesshe to seme, iwys,
As hit were raw, and 3yt hit nys.
And þagh þou sethe hit alle day,
Hit wolde seme rawe by any kyn way.

Anoþer sotelté I wylle telle.
Take harpe strynges made of bowel,
In brede of stoe, þou cut hom þenne;
Kast hom on fysshe or flesshe, I kenne,
Þat sothyn is hote or rostyd, iwys,
Þat wynne seme wormes, so have I blys.

And 3if [3it?] anoþer I telle con;
Yf þe coke be croked or soward mane
Take sope, cast in hys potage;
Þenne wylle þe pot begyn to rage
And welle on alle, and lepe in.
Þat licoure is made, noþer thykke ne thynne;
And henne-ban sede duckys wylle kylle,
And hennes also hit wille spylle;
And cast this to hom opon grene;
Who wylle assay hit, þo sothe may sene.


To make venegur manede;

Take a gad of stele I wot in dede;
In strong venegur þou schalt hit seke
ix sythes in venegur, þerof þou reke,
A bere with þe hete hit þou may,
And in goode wyne sleck hit I say;
Hit shalle be venegur I wot hit wele,
To serve at a tyme at fest or mele.
And rosted benes, þat steped han bene,
Goode wyne schalle turne to venegur be dene.

To preve venegur, weþer hit be fyne.

Þou take hys knyve or ellis myne,
In harde drye flore a hole to make;
Put in þo venegur, I undurtake,
If hit be good, welle, syr, hit schalle,
Yf hit be no3t, downe wylle hit falle.
Þis se3e I preved, so have I blys;
Þerfore I wot þat hit sothe is.

To powder befe with in a ny3t,

Þou welle þo salt, in water bry3t;
Malt hit in bryne, set doun to kele,
Put in þy flesshe fayre and wele,
And in a ny3t hit poudert schalle be,
Grene powdert þorogh, so mot I þe.
Yf þy dysshe metes dere ben to salt,
Kerve a grene sod, I wot, þou schalt,
And kover þy pot with þo gresse done,
Þo salt on þo gresse shalle barke fulle sone.
With þy honde smyte of, I say;
Þo salt lay on anew þou may;
Þys schalt þou gedur hit, yche a dele,
And make hit fresshe unto þe mele.
If I schalle of þese potage spelle
A whyle þeron þen most I dwelle;
Fyrste, to speke of furmenté,
How hit is made in yche degre.



Take wete, and pyke hit fayre [and clene]
And do hit in a morter shene;
Bray hit a lytelle, with water hit spryng
Tyl hit hulle, with-oute lesyng.
Þen wyndo hit wele, nede þou mot;
Wasshe hit fayre, put hit in pot;
Boyle hit tylle hit brest, þen
Let hit doun, as I þe kenne.
Take know mylke, and play hit up
To hit be thykkerede to sup.
Lye hit up with 3olkes of eyren,
And kepe hit wele, lest hit berne.
Coloure hit with safron and salt hit wele,
And servyd [servys?] hit forthe, Syr, at þe mele;
With sugur candy, þou may hit dowce,
If hit be served in grete lordys howce.
Take black sugur for mener menne;
Be ware þer with, for hit wylle brenne.


Take wete and stepe hit dayes ix;
Þus chaunge þy water yche day be dene.
Brys hit in a morter ry3t smalle,
Sethe hit with mylke and water with alle.
Þorowgh a herseve loke þou hit sye,
And let hit stonde and setel bye;
Poure oute þe water, in clothe hit lay,
Tyl hit be drye þou turne hit ay.
Þys is a lycour as men sayn,
Þer of I schalle speke more in playn.


Conyngus in gravé.

Sethe welle þy conyngus in water clere,
After, in water colde þou wasshe hom sere,
Take mylke of almondes, lay hit anone
With myed bred or amydone;
Fors hit with cloves or gode gyngere;
Boyle hit over þo fyre,
Hew þo conyngus, do hom þer to,
Seson hit with wyn or sugur þo.

Chekyns in cretene.

Take cow mylke, lye hit anone
With flowre, or ellis with amydone;
Fors hit with galyngale and gode gyngere,
With canel and comyn, alle in fere,
Coloure hit with safron þo;
Þe chekyns by hom selfe þo sethe þer to,
Hew hom in quarteres and lay hom inne,
Boyle hom up with alle, no more ne mynne;
But seson hit with sugur suete,
And serve hom forthe for þay ben sete

Viande de Cipur.

Take braunne of capons or hennes þou shalle;
Parboyle and drye hit with alle;
Hew hom smalle, bray in mortere,
As smalle as bred, þat myed were;
Take good almonde mylke anone
And lye hit up with amydone
Or with floure of ryse, þou may;
Coloure hit with safron, I þe say;
Boyle hit after yche adele,
Charge hit with flesshe brayed wele;
Seson hit with sugur and þen þy dysshe
With almondes set þou schalle florysshe.

Mortrews de chare.

Take hennes and fresshe porke, y þe kenne,
Sethe hom togedur alwayes þenne;
Take hem up, pyke out þe bonys,
Enbande þe porke, Syr, for þo nonys;
Hew hit smalle and grynde hit wele,
Cast it agayne, so have þou cele,
In to þe brothe, and charge hit þenne
With myed wastelle, as I þe kenne;
Colour hit with safron, at þat tyde;
Boyle hit and set hit doune be syde;
Lye hit with 3olkes of eren ry3t,
And florysshe þy dysshe with pouder þou my3t.

Blonc Manger.

Take ryse and loke þou wasshe hom clene,
And þorowgh a strynour þou hom strene;
Temper hom with almonde mylke anon.
Take brawne of capons or henne good won,
Tese hit smalle, as I þe lere;
Do þe ryse in þo mylke over þe fyre,
Let hit boyle for ony nede;
Charge hit with tesyd flesshe in dede;
Seson hit with sugar, and floresshe
With fryud almondes þo lordes dysshe.

Þandon for wylde digges, swannus, and piggus.

Take, wasshe þo isues of swannes anon,
And skoure þo guttus with salt ichon;
Sethe alle to gedur and hew hit smalle.
Þe flesshe and eke þo guttus with alle;
Take galingale and gode gyngere
And canel, and grynd hom al in fere;
And myude bred þou take þerto,
And temper hit up with brothe also;
Coloure hit with brend bred or with blode,
Seson hit with venegur, a lytelle for gode;
Welle alle togedur in a posnet;
In service forthe þou schalt hit sett.


Take þo hert and þo mydruv and þe kydnere,
And hew hom smalle, as I þe lere;
Presse oute þe blode, wasshe hom þou schalle,
Sethe hom in water and in gode ale;
Coloure hit with brende bred or with blode;
Fors hit with peper and canel gode,
Sett hit to þo fyre, as I þe telle in tale;
Kele hit with a litelle ale,
And set hit downe to serve in sale.

Anoþer maner for noumbuls.

Take þe noumbuls of þe veneson,
In water and salt þo wasshe hom sone,
And in twynne waters, þou schalt hom sethe;
Grynd bred and peper with ale full smethe,
With þe secunde brothe þou temper hit mun,
And hew þy noumbuls alle and sum;
And boyle þy sew, do hom þer inne,
Of þys mater þer, no more ne myn.



Take swettest mylke, þat þou may have,
Colour hit with safron, so God þe save;
Take fresshe porke and sethe hit wele,
And hew hit smalle every dele;
Swyng eyryn, and do þer to;
Set hit over þe fyre, þenne
Boyle hit and sture lest hit brenne;
Whenne hit welles up, þou schalt hit kele
With a litel ale, so have þou cele;
When hit is ino3e, þou sett hit doune,
And kepe hit lest hit be to broune.

For Charlet icoloured.

Take almondes unblanchyd, wasshe hom and grynd;
Temper hom with rede wyne, þat is so kynd;
Alye hit up with floure of ryce,
Do þer to pynys and saunders for spyce,
For to coloure hit, loke þou do þis,
And oþer goode spyces þou take, iwys,
Bothe strong and swete þou do þer to;
Salt hit, boyle hit, sethe hit forthe þo,
With annes icomfet, florysshe hit þou schalle;
Messe hit in dysshes to be served in halle.


Take myud bred, and eyren þou swynge;
Do hom togeder with out lettyng,
Take fresshe broth of gode befe,
Coloure hit with safron, þat is me lefe,
Boyle hit softly, and in þo boylyng,
Do þer to sage and persely 3oyng.


Breuet de almonde.

Take gode almonde mylke anon,
And loke þou lye hit with amydone,
Or with flowre þat is bake;
Coloure hit with safron, I undurtake;
Fors hit with powder of þy male
Of gyngere, canel, and galingale.
Take pertrykes and chykyns and hom wele sethe; [12/1]
Hew hom in quarters fayre and smethe;
Do þat mylke over þo fyre þat tyde,
And boyle and sett hit doune besyde,
And florysshe hit with powdur, as I þe kenne,
Þou may have more menske emong alle menne.

Blonk desore.

Take ryse and wasshe hom in a cup,
Grynd hom smalle and temper up
With almonde mylke, so have þou cele;
Do hit over þo fyre and boyle hit wele;
Take braune of capons or hennes alle,
Hew hit þat hit be ri3t smalle;
And grynd hit wele, as myud brede,
And do þer to, as I þe rede;
Seson hit with sugur grete plente,
With fryid almondes florysshe so fre.


Take almonde mylke as I con preche;
Coloure hit with safron as I þe teche;
Fors hit with poudur, þat is gode;
Take larde of porke, wele soþyn, by þo rode;
Hew hit in gobettes wele afyne;
Loke þey ben smale and put hem inne;
Lye hit with floure or amydone,
Boyle hit wele and sett hit done;
Florysshe hit with powdur, as I þe kenne,
Þenne may hit be served, before gode men.


Take flour of ryse, as whyte as sylke,
And hit welle, with almond mylke;
Boyle hit tyl hit be chargyd, þenne
Take braune of capone or elle of henne;
Loke þou grynd hit wondur smalle,
And sithen þou charge hit with alle;
Coloure with alkenet, sawnder, or ellys with blode,
Fors hit with clowes or macys gode;
Seson hit with sugur grete plenté,
Þis is a rose, as kokes telle me.

Lede lardes [Leche lardes].

Take eyren and swete mylke of a cow,
Swyng hom togedur, as I byd now;
Take larde of fresshe porke with alle,
Sethe hit and schere hit on peses smalle;
Cast þer in and boyle hit, þenne
Styr hit wele, as I þe kenne,
Tyl hit be gedered on crud harde;
Leche hit, and rost hit afterwarde
Apone a gredel, þen serve þou may
Hit forthe, with spit, as I þe say.

For blanchyd mortrews.

Sethe hennes and porke, þat is fulle fresshe;
Bray almondes unblanchyd and temper hom nesshe
With clene brothe, and drawe hom þo;
Alay þy flesshe smalle grounden to,
And floure of ryce þou grynd also;
Cast powder of gyngere and sugur þerinne,
But loke þat hit be not to þyn,
But stondand and saltid mesurlé
And kepe þy dysshe mete for þo maystré.

Peions istued.

Take peions and hew hom in morselle smalle,
Put hom in a erþyn pot, þou shalle;
Take pilled garlek and herbys anon,
Hack hom smalle er þou more don;
Put hom in þo pot, and þer to take
Gode brothe with wyte grece, þou no3t forsake;
Do powdur þer to and gode verius,
Coloure hit with safron, and salt inow;
Þou put in pote þese þynges alle,
And stue þy peions þus þou schalle.

Sowpus dorre.

Take almondes, bray hem, wryng hom up;
Boyle hom with wyn rede to sup;
Þen temper hom with wyn, salt, I rede,
And loke þou tost fyne wete brede,
And lay in dysshes, dubene with wyne;
Do in þis dysshes mete, þat is so fyne;
Messe hit forthe, and florysshe hit þenne
With sugur and gynger, as I þe kenne.

Gruel of almondes.

Take almondes unblanchid and bray hom sone,
Put ote mele to, þenne hase þou done,
And grynde alle sammen, and draw hit þenne
With water and sethe, as I þe kenne;
Coloure hit with safron and salt hit þenne,
And set in sale byfore gode menne.

Ioutus de almonde.

Take erbe, perboyle hom, fayre and wele;
Hew hom and grynde hom every dele;
Take almondes unblanched and grynd hom smalle,
Draw3e hom with water, I wote þou schalle;
Set hit over þe fyre, þyn erbis þou sethe
With þo mylke forsayde, þat grounden is smethe;
Cast þerto sugur, and salt anone;
Take þer þy ioutes made dalmone.

Caudel dalmone.

Take almondes unblanchyd and hom þou bray;
Drawe hom up with wyn, I dar wele say;
Þer to do pouder of good gyngere
And sugur, and boyle alle þese in fere,
And coloure hit with safron and salt hit wele,
And serve hit forthe Sir at þo mele.

Buttur of Almonde mylke.

Take thykke mylke of almondes clere,
Boyle wele alle in fere;
And in þo boylyng, cast þerinne
Venegur, oþer ellys gode wyne;
Do hit soþenne in a canvas þenne,
In soþun, gar hit on hepe to renne;
In clothe þou henge hit a myle way,
And after in colde water þou hit lay;
Serve hit forthe in þe dysshe,
Þat day þo lorde is servyd with fysshe.



Take ryse and wasshe and grynde hem smalle,
Temper hom with almonde mylke þou schalle;
Drau3e hom thorowghe a streynour clene,
Boyle hom and seson hom with sugur schene;
Fors hit with fryude almondes gode,
Þen hase þou done, syr, by þo rode.

Kaudel Ferry.

Take almondes unblanchyd, so have þou cele,
And wasshe hom fayre and grynd hom wele;
Temper hom up with wyne so clene,
And drau3e hom þorowgh a canvas shene;
In pot þou coloure hit with safron,
And lye hit up with Amydone,
Or with floure of ryse so fre;
Ry3t thykke loke þou þat be;
Seson hit with sugur grete plenté,
Florysshe hit with maces, I tel þe.

For to make a rape.

Take raysyns of corauns þerto,
And wyte wynne þou take also;
Sethe þenne oþer raysyns grete
In rede wyne, and boyle a lytul with hete;
Do opon a broche, rost hom bydene
A lytel, and take hom fayre and clene
And bray hom in a morter smalle,
A crust of brede þou bray with alle.
Put alle in þe pot with grythe,
Þo raysyns of corauns, þo swete wyne with,
A lytul vengur, and pouder take þo
Of clowes, maces and quibibis to;
Boyle alle to geder, and serve hit þenne,
And sett hit forthe before goode men.

Mylke rostyd.

Take swete mylke and put in panne,
Swyng eyren with alle, grynde safron
And do þerto; welle hit þenne,
Tylle hit wax thykke, as I þe kenne;
And sethe and sye hit thorowghe a cloth,
Presse hit, þat leves, withouten othe;
When hit is colde, leche hit with knyves;
Rost hit, and messe hit forthe on schyves.

For to make a potage of welkes.

Take welkes and wasshe fayre, in blythe,
In water, and take whyte salt þerwith
And after hakke hom on a borde,
As smalle as þou may, at a worde,
And bray hom in a morter clere;
Sethe hom in mylke over þe fyre;
Of almondes or of a clow þou take schalle,
Lye hit with amydone þerwith alle;
Coloure hit with safrone, and do þerinne
Poudur of peper, or goode comyne.

For to make potage of oysturs.

Perboyle þyn oysturs and take hom oute;
Kepe welle þy bre with outen doute,
And hakke hom on a borde full smalle,
And bray in a morter þou schalle;
Do hom in hor owne brothe for goode,
Do mylke of almondes þer to by þe rode,
And lye hit up with amydone,
And frye smalle mynsud onyone

In oyle, or sethe hom in mylke þou schalle;
Do powdur þerto of spyces withalle,
And coloure hit þenne with safron gode;
Hit is holden restoratyf fode.

Sauge Seynes.

Take swynes fete and sethe hom clene,
Take 3olkes of eyren þat harde bene,
And sage as mykul as fall þerto,
Gode powdur, and temper with venegur;
When þou hase soþyn þo fete ry3t welle,
Clovyn hom and paryd hom þer tylle,
Lay hom on dysshe with blythe,
Þo sawce on þe 3olkes þerwyth.

For to make a compost.

Take þo chekyns and hew hom for þo seke,
All but þe hede and þe legges eke;
Take a handfulle of herb lovache,
And anoþer of persely, als
Of sage þat never was founde fals,
And noþer of lekes and alle hom wasshe
Þose herbes in water, þat rennes so rasshe;
Breke þorowghe þy honde, bothe herbe and leke,
With a pynt of hony enbeny hom eke,
Summe of þese herbes þou shalle laye
In þe pottus bothun [sothun?], as I þe say;
Summe of þe chekyns þou put þerto,
And þen of þe herb3 do to also;
So of þo ton so of þat oþer,
Þo herb3 on þe last my dere brother;
Above þese herbus a lytul larde
Smalle myncyd, haldand togeder warde;
Take powder of gynger and canel god wone,
Cast on þese oþer thynges everychon;
Be sle3e and powre in water þenne
To myd þo pot, as I the kenne;
Opone þo bruys poure hit withinne,
And cover hit þat no hete oute wynne,
And tendurly seyth hit þou do may,
Salt hit, serve hit, as I þe say.

Blanc maungere of fysshe.

Take a pownde of ryse and sethe hom wele,
Tyl þat þay brostene; and lete hom kele.
Mylke of almondes þerto þou cast,
Þo tenche or lampray do to on last;
Welle alle togeder, as I þe kenne,
And messe hit forthe before godde men.

Mortrews of fysshe.

Take þo kelkes of fysshe anon,
And þo lyver of þo fysshe, sethe hom alon;
Þen take brede and peper and ale,
And temper þo brothe fulle welle þou schalle,
And welle hit togeder and serve hit þenne,
And set in sale before good mene.

For to make rose dalmoyne.

Take whyte pese and wasshe hom wele,
Tylle þat þey hulle, sethe yche adele,
And bene clene of þam, þen schalle þou caste
In to þo pot and cover in hast;
And loke no brethe þer passe oute,
But boyle hom wele with owtyn dowte;
Of almonde mylke þou kest þerto,
Of floure of ryse and salt also;
Coloure hit with safrone and messe hit, þenne
Set hit in sale before goode men.

For a kolys.

Þe brawne take of sothun henne or chekyne,
And hew hit smalle and bray þen with wyne,
With ote grotis, and whyte brede eke;
With þe brothe of henne þou tempur hit meke;
Take oute þe bonys and grynd hit smalle,
In to þe brothe þou kast hit alle,
And sye hit thurgh a clothe clene;
Dose hit, and serve hit forthe bydene.

Gruel of Porke.

Take brawne of swyne, perboyle hit wele,
And grynde hit smalle, Syr, everydele;
With 3olkes of eyren þou schalle hit lye,
Set hit over þe fyre for-þye,
Put whyte grece þerto, bewar, iwys,
Let hit not sethe lest þou mys.
Do þer to powder and safron þenne
And messe hit forthe before goode menne;
Powder dowce þeron þou kast
Stondande at dressore on þe last.

Conyngus in cyne. [>cyve.]

Smyte þe conyngus in pese smalle;
And sethe hom in brothe gode þou shalle;
Mynsyn onyons in grece þou sethe,
And in good brothe, þat is so smethe
Walle togeder; and drau3e alioure
Of blode and brede sumdele sowre,
Sesonut with venegur and good brothe eke,
Kast salt þerto and powder fulle meke.

Harus in cyne. [>cyve.]

Perboyle þe hare and larde hit wele,
Sethyn loke þou rost hir everydele;
Take onyons and loke þou hew hom smalle,
Frye hom in grece, take peper and ale,
And grynde togeder þo onyons also;
Coloure hit with safrone and welle hit þo;
Lay þe hare in charioure, as I þe kenne;
Powre on þe sewe and serve hit þenne.

Harus in a sewe.

Alle rawe þo hare schalle hacked be,
In gobettis smalle, Syr, levys me;
In hir owne blode seyn or sylud clene,
Grynde brede and peper withalle bydene;
Þenne temper hit with þe same bre,
Þenne boyled and salted hit servyd schalle be.

Harus in abrotet. [>Harus_in_a_browet.]

Hew smalle þy hare in gobetus gode,
Sethe hom in brothe with alle his blode;
When hit is soþun wondur wele,
Draw3h thurgh a streynour, so have þou cele;
Take almondes unblanchid, wasshe hom and grynde;
With self brothe temper hom by kynde;
Take onyons and perboyle hom þou mot,
And dresshe hom smalle, kest hom in pot
With alle oþer thyngus, and cast þer to
With venegur and salt, þen hase þou doo.


Harus in Perdoylyse.

Take harys and perboyle hom, I rede,
In goode brothe, kele hit for drede,
And hew þy flesshe and cast þerinne.
Take swongen eggus, no more ne myn,
And cast in þy sewe and sethe hit þenne.
Take obles and wafrons, as I þe kenne,
Close hom in dysshes fare and wele;
Salt þe sewe, so have þou cele,
And lay hit above as gode men done,
And messe hit forthe, Syr, at þo none.

Hennes in brewes.

With porke þou sethe þo henne fatte,
Grynde brede and peper and be not batte;
And comyne also þou schalle grynde,
Seson hom with ale, þat is hor kynde;
With þo brothe of hennes þou temper hit shalle,
Boyle hit, coloure hit, salt hit withalle;
Serve hom forthe, as þou may see,
Þese er hennes in browet, levys þou me.

Chekyns in browet.

Take chekyns, scalde hom fayre and clene;
Take persole, sauge, oþer herb3, grene
Grapus, and stope þy chekyns with wynne;
Take goode brothe, sethe hom þerinne,
So þat þay sone boyled may be;
Coloure þe brothe with safrone fre,
And cast þeron powder dowce,
For to be served in goode mennys howse.


Chekyns in Cawdel.

In brothe þou boyle þy chekyns gode;
Take 3olkes of eyren, Syr, for þo rode,
Alye hom up with brothe forsayde;
Take powder gynger, abrayde,
And sugur, and rew, and safron clere,
And salt, and set hit over þo fyre;
With owtyn boylyng messe hit forthe þenne;
Þy chekyns hole take, I þe kenne,
Of [Yf?_M] þay be brokyn, on dysshe hom lay,
Helde hom þe sewe, as I þe say.

For to boyle fesawantes and pertryks.

Take goode brothe, þerin þou pyt
Þy fesauntes and þy pertryks, þat men may wyt.
Do þerto ale, floure, peper fre,
Of hole canel, good quantité;
And let alle sethe þerwyth fulle wele,
And messe hit forthe, Syr, at þe mele.
Powder dowce þerin þou cast,
When hit [is] servyd on þe last.

Roo in a Sewe.

Take þo roo, pyke hit clene forthy;
Boyle hit þou shalt and after hit drye;
Hew hit on gobettis, þat ben smalle,
Do hit in pot withalle;
Kest wyn þerto, if þou do ry3t,
Take persole and sawge and ysope bry3t,
Wasshe hom and hew hom wondur smalle,
And do þerto hit þou schalle,
Coloure hit with blode or sawnders hors.


Hennes in gravé.

Take hennes and rost, as I þe kenne,
Sithinn, hew hom smalle and frye hom; þenne
Take wyne or peper or venegur to,
Grynd hit togeder with hennes þo;
Lye hit with 3olkes of eyren wele,
Coloure hit with safrone everydele,
And messe hit forthe withoutene ony more,
And loke þou for3ete no3t þys lore.

Capons in Covisye.

Take capons and sethe hom wele,
And hew hom smalle ilkadele;
Take peper and brede, and grynde hit smalle,
And temper hit up with capon alle;
Take why3te of eyren harde soþun þo,
And hake hom smalle and do þerto,
And boyle þe capon and coloure hit þenne
With safrone, and do as I kenne;
Þo 3olkes of eggus, I telle þe,
Alle hole þou put in disshe so fre.

Hennes in gauncel.

Take first and rost welle þy henne,
Take garlek by hit selfe and grynd; þenne
Blonde hit with mylke and put alle in panne,
And hew þyn henne and do þer to þenne
Þy henne and 3olkes of eyren imelle;
Coloure hit with safron and let hit welle,
And messe hit forthe, I telle þe;
But þou wille alye hit with floure so fre.


Lamprayes in browet.

Take lamprayes and scalde hom by kynde,
Sythyn, rost hom on gredyl, and grynde
Peper and safrone; welle hit with alle,
Do þo lampreyes and serve hit in sale.

Lamprayes in galentine.

Take lamprayes and hom let blode
At þo navel, and scalde hom for gode;
Rost hom þenne, and þou hom laye
Alle hole in platere, as I þe saye;
Serve with galentine, made in sale,
With gyngere, canel and galingale.

For tenchis in gravé.

Sethe þy tenchis, and after hom brede,
And rost hom on a gredel, I rede;
Grynd peper and safron with ale, I kenne,
With tenchis brothe, þou temper hit; þenne
Lay þo tenche opon a platere fayre,
Do on þat browet withouten disware.

Chawdewyne de boyce.

Take smalle notes, schale not [out?_M] kurnele,
As þou dose of almondes, fayre and wele;
Frye hom in oyle, þen sethe hom ry3t
In almonde mylke þat is bry3t;
Þen þou schalle do in floure of ryce
And also oþer pouder of spyce;
Fry oþer curneles besyde also,
Coloure þou hit with safron, or þou fer goo,
To divers þo mete þou schalt hit set,
With þo fryed curnels with outen let.


Capons in Cassolyce.

Take capons and schalde and pyke hom þen;
Þe skyn þou opon, as I þe kenne,
Be hynde þo hede, blaw hym with penne;
Þenne ryses þo skyn before,
Rayse up þo skyn alle hole abowte,
Take porke and hen flesshe with outen doute,
And 3olkes of eyren and gode powder;
Of alle þo thynges þou make farsure,
And farse þo skyn and perboyle hit wele;
Þen larde þo capone, rost hym yche dele;
Of almonde mylke and amydone
Make bater, and coloure hit anone
With safron; serve hit at fyre rostande,
Enbene hit wele withe þy ry3t honde.

For to make momene.

Take whyte wyne, I telle þe,
And sugur þerto ry3t grete plenté;
Take, bray þo brawne of a3t capon;
To a pot of oyle of on galon,
And of hony a qwharte þou take;
Do hit þer to as ever þou wake,
Take powder þo mountenaunce of a pownde,
And galingale ginger and canel rownde,
And cast þer to, and styre hit; þenne
Alle in on pot sethe hit, I kenne.

Lange de beof.

Take þo ox tonge and schalle hit wele,
Sethe hit, broche hit in larde yche dele,
With cloves of gelofer hit broch þou shalle,
Þen do hit to fyre and rost hit alle;
With 3olkes of eyren enbene hit ay
Whille þat hit rostes, as I þe say.
Þen take blode, þat is so lefe,
Welle hit in fresshe brothe of þe befe,
Bray hit fulle wele in on mortere,
Do in fayre grece, þat is so clere;
Fors hit with spicys ry3t gode with alle,
And sythun, serve hit in to þe halle;
To þe forsayde tonge þis sawce is dy3t,
Here endes oure potage fulle gode ry3t.

Pro Salsamentis. -- To make sawce.

Now speke I wylle of sauces sere:
How þay ar made, I wylle 3ow lere,
Next after potage þay servyd schalle be,
As I have lurned in þys cuntré.

Pur verde sawce.

Take persole, peletre an oyns, and grynde,
Take whyte bred myude by kynde,
Temper alle up with venegur or wyne,
Force hit with powder of peper fyne.

Sawce for Mawdelardes rosted.

Take onyons and hew hom wele,
Put sum in þo mawdelarde, so have þou cele,
And hacke mo onyons, as I þe kenne;
With þo grece of þo mawdelarde þou sethe hom, þen
Take ale, mustarde and hony þo,
Boyle alle togeder or þou more do;
For maularde rosted þys sawce is dy3t,
And served in sale by gode ry3t.


Sawce for vele and venysone.

Take brede and frye hit in grece þou schalle,
With brothe of venegur draw3e hit withalle,
Kast powder of gynger anon þer to
And peper, and sethe þo
And messe hit forthe; a sawce hit is
For vele and venyson, iwys.

Blaunche sawce for capons.

Take blanchid almondis and smal hom grynde,
Temper hom with verius, þat is hor kynde,
Powder of gynger, and kast þer to,
And messe hit forthe, þen hase þou do.

Sawce best for capons rostyd.

Take lyver of capons and rost hom wele,
Take annes and grynd hit, as have þou cele,
Pare gynger and canel gode þer to,
A lytel crust of brede þou take also;
Grynde al þese þynges wondur smalle,
With verius temper hom up þou schalle;
With grece of capons boyle hit in sy3t
And serve hit forthe fulle wele þou my3t.

Sawce sirer for mawdelardus.

Take brede and blode iboylyd and grynde,
And draw3he hit þorowghe a clothe by kynde,
With venegur gode and sesounabulle,
With powder of gynger, and peper abulle,
And grece of mawdelarde; and boyle alle wele,
And messe hit forthe Syr at þo mele.


Gawncel for þe gose.

Take garlek and grynde hit wele forþy,
Temper hit with water a lytel, perdy;
Put floure þer to and also salt,
Colour hit with safron I wot þou schalt;
Temper hit up with cow-mylke þo,
And sethe hit and serve hit forthe also.

Sawce for swannus.

Take þo offal and þo lyver of þo swan,
In gode brothe þou sethe hom þan;
When hit is sothyne, take oute þe bonus,
Smalle hew þo flesshe, Syr, for þe nonus;
Make alyoure of crust of brede,
Of blode of swanne, þat soþun is lede,
Caste powdur of gynger and clawes þer to,
Of peper and wyn þou take also,
And salt hit þen and sethe hit wele;
Cast in þy flesshe, hewen yche a dele,
And messe hit forthe, as I þe kenne,
Set hit in sale before goode menne.

[Sawce] For cranys and herons.

The crane is enarmed ful wele I wot
With larde of porke at on bare mot,
Rostyd and eten with gode gingere,
Þat is þo sawce þat servis þere;
Þo heroun is rosted, as have I blys,
And eton with gynger as his kynde is.

[Sawce] For pekokys and pertrikis.

Pekokys and pertrikys perboylyd schyn be,
Lardyd, rostyd, eton, levys me,
With gyngere, payndmayn paryd clene
And groundyn in a morter, þat is schene,
Temperid up with venegur gode,
With powder of gyngere and salt, by þo rode,
And draw3en þorowghe a streynour mylde,
Servid forthe with pekok and pertrik wylde.


Take crust of brede and grynde hit smalle,
Take powder of galingale and temper with alle
Powder of gyngere and salt also;
Temper hit with venegur er þou more do,
Draw3e hit þurughe a streynour þenne,
And messe hit forthe before gode menne.

Sawce camelyne, kervelettes and oþer thyngus.

Take raysons of corouns and kyrnels smalle
Of notes, and do away þo schale,
Take crust of brede and clowe in fere,
And powder imaked of gode gyngere,
Flowre of canel þou schalle take, þenne
Bray alle togedur, as I þe kenne,
In a morter and salt þerto;
Temper alle with venegur, þen hase þou do,
And messe hit forthe; þis is sawce fyne,
Þat men calles camelyne.

For lumbardus mustard.

Take mustarde and let hit drye
Anonyn, Sir, wyturlye;
Stomper hit in a morter fyne,
And fars hit þurghe a clothe of lyne;
Do wyne þerto and venegur gode,
Sture hom wele togeder for þe rode,
And make hit þyke inowghe þenne,
Whenne þou hit spendes byfore gode menne,
And make hit thynne with wyne, I say,
With diverse metes þou serve hit may.

For Pykulle.

Take droppyng of capone rostyd wele
With wyne and mustarde, as have þou cele,
With onyons smalle schrad and sothun in grece,
Meng alle in fere and forthe hit messe.

Filetus in Galentine.

Take filetes of porke and half hom rost,
Smyte hom in peses with outene bost;
Draw3e a lyoure of blode and brede withalle,
Do venegur þer to, I wot þou schalle;
Fors hit with powder of canel, or gode gynger,
Sethe hit with þo flesshe, alle in fere;
Salt and messe forthe, þenne
Set hit in sale before gode menne.

Pigges in sawce.

Take pigges and scalde hom in water clene,
Sethe hom in water and salt bydene;
Take hom up and lete hom kele;
Take persoley and sage, and grynde hit wele
With þe brothe of pigges with owtene rewarde,
And 3olkes of eggus þat soþun ar harde,
Temper alle with venegur sumdele stondande;
Lay pigges in a vessayle, with bothe hande,
Held þy sawce a-bofe tolde [cold_Ms.] forþy,
And serve hit alle forthe, Syr, wyturly.


Sawce madame.

Take sawge, persoly, ysope, saveray,
Onyons gode, peres, garlek, I say,
And grapes; go fille þy gose þenne
And sew þy hole, no grece oute renne;
Lay hur to fyre and rost hyr browne,
And kepe þo grece þat falles doune.
Take galingale and þo grece þat renne,
Do hit in posnet, as I þe kenne;
Whenne þo gose is rostyd, take hir away,
Smyte hir in pesys, I þe pray;
Þat is within, þou schalle take oute,
Kest in þy posnet with outene doute;
3if hit is thyke do þerto wyne,
And powder of galingale þat is fyne,
And powder dowce and salt also;
Boyle alle togeder er þou fyr go,
In a dysshe þy gose þou close
Þe sawce abofe, as I suppose.

Gose in a Hogge pot.

In pesis þou schalle þy gose stryke,
Take water and wyne bothe ilyke;
Do in þy gose; and onyons þou take
A gode quantité, as I er spake,
And erbus hacked þou take also,
And cast þou in er þou more do;
þen set þy pot over þo fyre,
And hit wele stir for þe hyre;
And make a lyoure of brede and blode,
And lye hit þerwithe, for hit is gode;
Kast powder þerto and salt anon,
And messe hit, þenne þou hase done.


To save venysone fresshe over þe 3er.

Yf þou wylle kepe þe tayle of a dere
Fresshe in seson over þo 3ere,
Or oþer venesone yf þat hit nede,
Þus schalt þu do, I wot in dede;
Presse out þo blode, for anythyng
Þat is cause for grete rotyng;
In erþyne pot þou shalt hit pyt
And feyre hony do into hit;
To þo hony stonde over þo flesshe
Too fyngurs thyke for harde or nesshe;
With leder þo mouthe þen schalt þou bynde,
Kepe hit fro ayre, son or wynde,
In cofer, or huche or seler merke.

For to save venysone fro restyng.

Take venesone when hit is new slayn,
And cover hit alle with ferne playn
Þat no wynde enter þer to;
And whenne þou hast covered hit so,
Lede hit home, selor hit lay
Þat wynde ne sone ne ughe hit may;
Dresse hit wele and wassh hit clene,
Sythen, lay hit in water alle by dene,
Þer in be half a day to lye;
Þenne take hit oute on flore to drye,
Þenne after take salt a quantité;
Boyle hit in clene water so fre,
And kele hit, þat he be bot lue,
And þerin wasshe þy venesone true,
And let hit lye þerin thre dayes
And thre ny3htes, by any kyns wayes;
Then take hit oute of þat water,
Salt hit wyth drye salt, alle in fere.
And do hit in a barel þenne;
Þe barel staf ful as I þe kenne,
Stop wele þo hede for wynde and sone,
For hit wylle payre þo venysone.

To keep herb3 over þe wyntur.

Take floure and rere þo cofyns fyne,
Wele stondande withouten stine;
Take tenderons of sauge with owte lesyng,
And stop one fulle up to þo ryng;
Þenne close þo lyd fayre and wele,
Þat ayre go not oute never a dele,
Do so with saveray, percil and rewe;
And þenne bake hom harde, wel ne3e brende;
Sythun, kepe hom drye and to hom tent;
Þis powder schalle be of more vertu,
Þen opone erþe when hit gru.

For lyoure best.

Take drye floure, in cofyne hit close,
And bake hit hard, as I suppose;
Þou may hit kepe alle þys fyve 3ere,
Þere-with alye mony metes sere;
Here endys oure sawce, þat I foretolde.

De cibis assatis.

Of rostyd mete now speke I wolde,
For þer bene bestes þat schyne be rost,
As conyng, pigges, ful wele þou wost,
And foules also þat rostyd schyne be
On diverse manere in her degré;
And kostyf of motone, þat I wele knaw,
Enbrochyd shal be, by ry3t gode law;
And also fysshe þou schalle enbroche,
As porpays þat swymmes by þo see roche;
Þerfore I telle 3ou now, I rede,
What schalle rost with neck and hede.

For þe crane.

Þo crane schalle fyrst enarmed be,
Scalde and pulde ful warlé,
Dra3un at þo syde as wodcockis,
With legges al hole he rostyd is;
Abowte þo brothe þo necke þou cralle,
Put in þo bylle at coler þou schalle;
Enarme hym forthe as hit is tolde
Before, and serve þys crane bolde.

For heroun rostyd.

Þe heroun is slayn, as have I sene;
Þe herte oute pyke alle bydene,
Under þe lyft wyng þo neck bone steke,
Devoyded, as men me tolde meke;
Þenne under þo wynge þo skyn þou cralle,
Pyt in þo bylle at coler þou schalle.

For wodcock, sny3t and curlue.

To wodcok, snype, curlue also,
Þe betore in fere with hom schalle goo;
Alle schun be dra3un, Syr, at þo syde,
And honestly rostyd with outene pryde,
With neck and hede suande in fere,
Þo bylle put þurghe þo þe3es sere;
On alle þese fowles þo legges schune bene,
Summe cralled, sum stre3t, as I have sene.
And gret as heroun rostyd schalle be,
Þat a kny3t is called for gentloré,
A capone also þat comyn is,
Þo pecok wyth his tayle so have I blys,
Þo fesaunt kok, but not þo henne;
Þus have I lurnet at gentil men;
Alle oþer foles þat swymmen in flode,
Þat schun be rostyd, Syr, by þo rode,
With outen necke or hede, I trowe,
And oþer smalle bryddes, þat I wele knaw,
As osel, smityng, laveroc gray,
Pertryk, werkock, I dayr wele say;
Þo kormorount schalle rost iwys,
With þo bylle opone for grete koyntes.

For pygges farsyd.

Take swongen eyrene and floure þer to,
And powder of peper er þou more do;
Blend alle togeder and salt þerwith;
Coloure hit with safrone, so have þou blythe;
Put alle in body of þo pygge,
Rost hit on broche of irne bygge
Enfarsed; þo cle of pygge schalle be
Festened in þe cheke so mot þou þe;
Þo hender legges enoynt þou schalle,
Þo cles by þo sydes þou festun withalle.

For fraunche mele.

Take swongene eyrene in bassyne clene,
And kreme of mylke þat is so schene,
And myyd bred, þou put þer to,
And powder of peper er þou more do;
Coloure hit with safrone in hast,
And kremelyd sewet of schepe on last,
And fylle þy bagge þat is so gode,
And sew hit fast, Syr, for þo rode;
Whenne hit is soþun, þou schalt hit leche,
And broyle hyt on gredel, as I þe teche.

For bours.

Take porke and gese, hew hom þou schalle
On gobetes, with powder of peper withalle;
Hom sethe in pot þat is so clene,
With oute any water, with salt, I wene;
Fro Martyn messe to gode tyde evyne,
Þys mete wylle serve, þou may me lene,
At dyner or soper, if þat hit nede;
Þou take gode ale, þat is not quede,
Þer in þou boyle þo forsayde mete
Þo more worship þou may gete.

For powme dorrys.

Take porke and grynde hit rawe, I kenne,
Temper hit with swongen egges; þenne
Kast powder to make hit on a balle;
In playand water þou kast hit schalle
To harden, þenne up þou take,
Enbroche hit fayre for goddes sake.
Endore hit with 3olkes of egges þen
With a fedyr at fyre, as I þe kenne;
Bothe grene and rede þow may hit make
With iuse of herb3 I undertake;
Halde under a dysshe þat no3t be lost,
More honest hit is as þou wele wost.

Hasteletes on fysshe day.

Take fyggus quartle, and raysyns, þo
Hole dates, almondes, rine hom also
On broche of irne, and rost hom sone;
Endore hom with 3olkes of egges anone.
Here endys oure hastere þat I of spake;
To speke of bakun mete I wolde clake,
For lamprays, darials and flaunes also,
And oþer metes mony and moo.

For lamprays bakun.

Fyrst scalde þy lamprays fayre and wele,
As I tolde byfore, so have þou cele;
Soþun, rere a cofyne of flowre so fre,
Rolle in þo lampray, as hit may be;
Take mynsud onyons þer to, gode wonne,
But fyrst take powder of peper, anon
Of maces, cloves and graynys also,
And dates al hole þou take þerto,
Poure rede wyne þerto þou schalle,
Coloure hit with safrone and closen alle.
In myddes þo lydde an tuel þou make,
Set hit in þo ovyn for to bake;
3ete take hit oute, fede hit with wyne,
Lay on þo tuel a past fulle fyne,
And bake hit forthe, as I þe kenne,
To serve in sale before gode menne.

For darials.

Take creme of almonde mylke iwys,
And 3olkes of eyren, so have þou blys,
And make a batere þat is ful gode,
And rere a cofyne with mylde mode;
And sethe a mawdelarde, þat fat is þenne,
And cut in peses, as I þe kenne;
Square as dises þou shalt hit make,
Kast hit in batere, and powder þou take
Of gynger, of kanel, þat gode is, þo
Enfors hit wele er þou more do,
And loke þy cofyne be hardened wele,
Powre in þy batere, so have þou cele,
With a disshe hit florysshe þou may,
With blanchyd almondes, as I þe say.

For flaunes.

Take new chese and grynde hit fayre,
In morter with egges, with out dysware;
Put powder þer to of sugur, I say,
Coloure hit with safrone ful wele þou may;
Put hit in cofyns þat bene fayre,
And bake hit forthe, I þe pray.

For custanes.

Grynde porke, brek eyren þer to anon,
With powder of peper er þou more done;
Put hit in cofyn, þat harde is bake,
And 3olke of egge þen shalt þou take,
That harde is soþun, lay in to þo top
As hit were a gyldene knop.

For risshens.

Take grounden porke þat soþun hase bene
With peper and swongen egges clene;
Put berme þer to, I undertake,
As tome as belle hit wille hit make;
Lay hit in a roller as sparlyng fysshe,
Frye hit in grece, lay hit in dysshe.

For freture.

With egges and floure in batere þou make,
Put berme þer to, I undertake;
Coloure hit with safrone er þou more do;
Take powder of peper and cast þer to,
Kerve appuls overtwert and cast þerin,
Frye hom in grece, no more ne mynne.

Crustate of flesshe.

Take peiuns and smalle chekuns with alle
And oþer smale bryddes, and hew hom smalle;
And sethe hom alle togedur þoo
In brothe and in white grece, also
In verius, and do þer to safroune;
Fyrst make a fole trap þou mun,
Pynche hym, cowche hym þy flesshe þerby;
Kast þerin raysyns of corouns forthy,
And powder dowce and salt gode won;
Breke eyren and streyne hom thorowghe a clothe anone,
And swyng þy sewe þerwyth þenne,
And helde hit onne þe flesshe I kenne,
And kover þy trap and hele hit wele,
And serve hit forthe, Syr, at þe mele.


In erthen pot put brothe for hast;
Take floure of payndemayn, and make þy past
With water, þer of þy fele þou make
With a roller, and drye hit, I undurtake
A3ayne þo sonne þat hit be harde;
Kast þerin brothe and make rewarde;
To sethe hom take rawe chese anone
And grate hit in disshes mony on
With powder dowce; and lay þer in
Þy loseyns abofe þe chese with wynne,
And powder on last spryngil hit þou may;
Þose loysyns er harde to make in fay.



Take porke sothun, and grynde hit wele
With safroune, and medel hit ylkadel
With egges and raysyns of corouns; þo
Take powder and salt, and do þerto;
Make a fole of doghe, and close þis fast,
This flesshe þat hewene was open þo last
Kover hit with lyddes, and pynche hit fayre,
Korven in þe myddes two loyseyns a payr,
Set hit with fryed almondes sere,
And coloure þe past with safroune dere,
And bake hit forthe, as I þe kenne,
And set in sale before gode menne.

Chewetes on fysshe day.

Take turbut, haddok, and gode codlyng,