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Master ​Mind, Brain and Behaviour: Information for students


Note that this homepage provides information for students that are already enrolled in the Master's program Mind, Brain and Behavior.

If you are interested in applying for the program, please look here.


Important dates and events


October 9-13, Orientation week for international students (

including Study introduction days on October 12 and 13. Find all slides of the introductory meeting after October 12 here.


Registration for final exam modules 


For the final exams in winter 2023-24 you have to register via FlexNow between November 28, 2023, to January 31, 2024.


Registration of your Master's thesis


You can register your thesis at the earliest after the start of the lecture-free period of the 3rd semester. After registration you have 150 days to complete your thesis.

The prerequisite for the admission to the master thesis module (MBB-MA-TM) is to have registered for 1 core module, 4 theory modules and 3 application modules (see also here).

Upcoming possible admission dates (with corresponding thesis submission dates) and registration dates:


Mar 04, 2024 (Jul 31, 2024), Registration necessary before Wed, Feb 21, 2024
Apr 03, 2024 (Aug 30, 2024), Registration necessary before Wed, Mar 20, 2024
Jun 03, 2024 (Oct 30, 2024), Registration necessary before Wed, May 22, 2024
Aug 12, 2024 (Jan 08, 2025), Registration necessary before Wed, Jul 31, 2024
Oct 01, 2024 (Feb 27, 2025), Registration necessary before Wed, Sep 18, 2024
Dec 02, 2024 (Apr 30, 2025), Registration necessary before Wed, Nov 20, 2024 


Timetable Winter 2023-24



For the study regulations, including the detailed course of studies and the practical training regulations, please see here.


Overview of the program


Elective Modules

All official elective modules are listed here. In addition to the listed modules, it is possible to attend 6 CP modules/courses from any other study program, however, only after consultation with your study coordinator and the respective lecturers. For enrollment and exam registration please follow the guidelines of the respective faculty.

For example, to register for Economics exams (module codes starting with 02-BWL) you have to stick to the registration periods listed at (the timeline of all Economics exams is listed at Questions about registration for Economics modules can also be directed to pruefungsamt


Additional courses

If you want to participate in additional courses which are not part of the Master's program, and would like to include those courses in your final transcript of records, you have to register those with the study coordinator and the examinations office: before June 1 in summer and before December 1 in winter. For this, you also have to submit the course/module description to the examinations office for evaluation.


Practical Training Module

The Practical Training Module is typically completed in the third semester of the program. For details see the following documents by the Internship Office. Most importantly, you have to register the internship before its start. The registration in FlexNow is always possible during the final exam registration periods (see above).

1. Information on completing the Practical Training Module by the Internship Office

2. Internship Registration form



Note that you have to complete an internship report, specifically, a 5-page report with about 1 page of text (tasks/project/activities) and a multi-page documentation (e.g. photos of working equipment or experimental setup (e.g. eye tracker), excerpts from work samples or results such as data visualizations, graphical or physical products, screenshots, etc. with short captions and descriptions). Your internship report is not graded.

Note that also student assistant positions can be registered as internships. Finally, here is a list of people you can reach out to if you are interested in doing an internship with a particular industry partner:

DLR (German Aerospace Center) : Florian Bayer, Mail
Mentalab : Prof. Dr. Katja Fiehler, Mail
Meta (please note that Meta typically only accepts PhD students as interns) : Dr. Alexander Göttker, Mail
Schlenk : Prof. Dr. Roland Fleming, Mail
SR Research : Prof. Dr. Karl Gegenfurtner, Mail 
Thomas Recording : Dr. Stefan Dowiasch, Mail
VPixx : Prof. Dr. Katja Fiehler, Mail 


If you have any questions please contact the study coordinator Dr. Filipp Schmidt, Mail 



If you want to refresh your knowledge of Statistics, Psychological Research Methods or Visual Perception, here are some useful ressources:

1. Statistics
Video Lecture: Philippe Rigollet (MIT), 2016: Statistics for Application,
2. Psychological Research Methods
Video Lecture: John Scofield (University of Missouri), 2019: Research Methods in Psychology,
:  Zhong-Lin Lu & Barbara Dosher, 2014: Visual Psychophysics: From Laboratory to Theory (The MIT Press)
3. Visual Perception
Book: Brian Wandell (Stanford University), 1995, Foundations of Vision,
Video Lecture (in German)
: Karl Gegenfurtner (University of Giessen), 2021: Wahrnehmungspsychologie,