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Welcome to the Research Group of Prof. Dr. Anja Henss

High-Resolution Analytical Methods for Understanding Material Properties in Energy, Semiconductor, and Biomaterials

The development and optimisation of materials is crucial to a more sustainable, modern and environmentally friendly future. To achieve this goal, a comprehensive understanding of the chemical and physical properties of materials is essential. Our research therefore focuses on detailed materials analysis, with particular emphasis on the study of surface and interfacial processes. These processes play a crucial role in the functionality, efficiency and performance of devices, both in the field of energy conversion and storage and in semiconductor technology.

A major focus of our work is the application of high resolution and extremely sensitive analytical methods in combination with innovative in-situ and in-operando experiments. These approaches provide deep insights into reaction, degradation and transport mechanisms at the molecular level and contribute significantly to the fundamental understanding of processes at surfaces and interfaces. This understanding is essential for the successful optimisation and development of new materials.

We are also interested in the study of biomaterials and their surface properties and functionality. In this context, I also seek interdisciplinary collaborations with the life sciences. A particular challenge is to adapt high-vacuum-based methods, originally developed for the study of inorganic solids, to the study of biological systems. This places particularly high demands on sample preparation. However, the adaptation of these methods opens up exciting opportunities for new insights and applications in the field of biomaterials.


ToF-SIMS surface images of Li/PEO:LiTFSI interface. Image by BSc A. Weiß

Our group focuses on the characterization of the lithium metal anode as well as on the analysis of cathode and anode active materials in cells with liquid and solid electrolytes. Furthermore, we work on polymer and hybrid electrolyte systems and their interface stability against the cathode and anode active materials.


Instrumental Analytics in the Life Sciences

3D reconstruction of a SIMS depth profile of a leaf. Image by BSc A. Krause

Within the framework of interdisciplinary collaborations, we aim to establish analytical methods originating from materials sciences for application in the field of biological and life sciences. One example is the close cooperation with the botany, in which we are investigating the salt tolerance of native and invasive rose species in more detail using imaging mass spectrometry.



Prof. Dr. Anja Henss

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