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Veröffentlichungen / Publications Rahimi-Iman

Ausgewählte wissenschaftliche Publikationen / Selected Scientific Publications:

O. Mey und A. Rahimi-Iman (2021): Machine Learning-Based Optimization of Chiral Photonic Nanostructures: Evolution- and Neural Network-Based Designs, Phys. Status Solidi RRL 2100571 (

A. Rahimi-Iman (2021): Self-Mode-Locked Semiconductor Disk Lasers, 1 Buchkapitel in Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers: VECSEL Technology and Applications, Wiley-VCH, ISBN 978-3-527-41362-1 (

A. Rahimi-Iman (2021): Semiconductor Photonics of Nanomaterials and Quantum Structures: Applications in Optoelectronics and Quantum Technologies, Springer Nature, mit 8 Kapiteln (

J. Zhu, et al. (2020): Lateral photovoltaic midinfrared detector with a two-dimensional electron gas at the hetero-junction interface, Optica 7, 1394–1401 (

A. Rahimi-Iman (2020): Polariton Physics: From Dynamic Bose–Einstein Condensates in Strongly-Coupled Light–Matter Systems to Polariton Lasers, Springer Nature, mit 9 Kapiteln (

L. M. Schneider, et al. (2020): Optical dispersion of valley-hybridised coherent excitons with momentum-dependent valley polarization in monolayer semiconductor, 2D Materials 8, 015009 (

A. Rahimi-Iman (2020): Advances in Functional Nano-Materials Sciences, Annalen der Physik 532, 2000015 (

O. Mey, et al. (2019): Enhancement of the Monolayer WS2 Exciton Photoluminescence with a 2D-Material/Air/GaP In-Plane Microcavity, ACS Nano 13, 5259 (

A. Rahimi-Iman (2016): Recent advances in VECSELs, IOP Journal of Optics 18, 093003 (

C. Schneider*, A. Rahimi-Iman*, et al. (2013): An electrically pumped polariton laser, Nature 497, 348, ( *gemeinsame Erstautorenschaft

Arash Rahimi-Iman