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Come by and have a chat. You can find us in the building "Alte Chemie", first floor (=Erdgeschoss), south wing, room 0057. You might want to call first to schedule an appointment: +49 641 99 35822.


Please direct your requests to 

Postal Address

Heinrich-Buff-Ring 58
35392 Giessen


... by bus

Bus No. 10 runs between the main train station and Philosophikum II. Get off at the stop "Naturwissenschaften".

The Algorithmic Bioinformatics is located in the high, gray building on the right hand side towards Leihgesterner Weg.

Use the entrance 62 I at the ramp, go through 2 steel doors and then the stairs or the elevator to the first floor (EG).

From the campus side, please use the south entrance 58 I.

... by car

There are free parking lots in front of the building.