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Molecular Andrology 2019

  • Medical Education Center GiessenFoto: JLU-Pressestelle / Rolf K. Wegst
    Medical Education Center GiessenFoto: JLU-Pressestelle / Rolf K. Wegst

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Medical Education Center GiessenFoto: JLU-Pressestelle / Rolf K. Wegst

The 6th International Workshop of Molecular Andrology will be organised jointly as the 1st Symposium of the Clinical Research Unit KFO 181 “Male factor infertility due to impaired spermatogenesis” in the Medical Education Center, Educational Building and Deanery, Seltersberg in Giessen in the centre of Germany from 24-26 September 2019.

Giessen is a university town located 45 min car or train drive north of the main hub Frankfurt airport.
The Molecular Andrology Workshop takes place every three to four years with topics concerning mainly basic aspects of testicular function. We have planned three concurrent sessions, each featuring renowned speakers presenting their most recent research results. The goal is to highlight cutting-edge research in male reproductive biology from around the world in each session. Session titles are “Germ cells – Somatic cells – Networks”. Over the years the workshop has gained a reputation as an informal forum to exchange and discuss new data. Besides plenary talks ample space will be given to oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts and a poster presentation on the first day.

Travel fellowships are available to encourage the active participation of young scientists. Please tick the respective box during abstract submission.


The workshop will start on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 14:00.


150 participants from all five continents have registered and are expected to come. The organising committee wishes everybody a safe and pleasant journey to Giessen. All participants are encouraged to make it a memorable workshop with interesting lectures and informal talks that will have an impact on our future research.

On behalf of the local organising committee

Andreas Meinhardt
Hans-Christian Schuppe
Jörg Klug