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Molecular Andrology 2019

Molecular Andrology 2019

The international workshop „Molecular Andrology 2019” took place from 24-26 September 2019 in Gießen. Therefore, this website is kept for documentation purposes only. If you were a workshop participant we do hope that you enjoyed the science and would consider registering again for “Molecular Andrology 20XY”!

Thank you very much indeed for your valuable contribution.

Best wishes,

Jörg Klug, Andreas Meinhardt and Hans-Christian Schuppe (Organizers)


If you want to see at what kind of venue the workshop took place, please have a look at the following video that tries to capture the essence of our Justus-Liebig-University.


The Workshop Dinner together with the announcement and handing over of three "best poster" award certificates took place on 25 September at the picturesque restaurant Dammühle ( in the village of Wehrshausen in the vicinity of Marburg.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Meinhardt Herr Dr. Jörg Klug