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Imprint & Picture Credits

Landing Page Plant (Slider Element) Picture by Akil Mazumda by Pexels
Dancing Women (Slider Element) Picture by Garcia Glas de Temel
Zeughaus (Slider Element) Picture by Matthias Höher
Greenhouse (Slider Element) Picture by Frank Möller
Flagship Symbol Picture by COLOURBOX #37378322
News & Events


Picture by Michael Schepp
Beach thermometer Image by wirestock on Freepik

Zeu Research Projects

Picture by Mac Mullins from Pexels
01/12/21 announcement Picture by franki-chamaki-694946-unsplash


Picture by Daniel Frank from Pexels
ZEU Research Projects Project BIOVALUE Picture by Curioso Photography from Pexels
Project BIRDS Picture by Lovely John from Pexels
Project CROP Picture by Josh Sorenson from Pexels
Project Eastern Mediterranean Marine Heatwaves Picture by Martin Krastins from Pexels (left picture)
Picture by Rachel Claire from Pexels (right picture)
Project Eatsane Picture by Breston Kenya from Pexels
Project GAGTR Picture by Stuart Pritchards from Pexels
Project FURA Picture by USAID on Pixnio
Project NUKLEUS Picture by Pixabay from Pexels
Project Water Resources, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Erosion and Land Management Picture by Donald KAMAU from Pexels (right picture)
Picture by Björn Weeser (left picture)
Project DAKI-FWS Graphic designed by Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut
Further Activities Flying Less Initiative Graphic designed by Maraike Büst using Freepik from (licensed under CC BY 3.0
Transition Management All Icons & Buttons are designed by Maraike Büst using Freepik from (licensed under CC BY 3.0
ZEU Portrait Our Vision Picture by Wendel Moretti from Pexels
Our Mission Picture by Ethan Sees from Pexels
Focus Area 1 Picture by Huynh Dat from Pexels
Focus Area 2 Picture by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
ZEU Spotlight Citizen Science Picture by Björn Weeser

Chinese influence in Tajikistan

Picture by Irna Hofman

Livestock production

Picture by Sarah Robinson


Climate change

Diagram from:


Picture by Stéphanie Domtail
Farmer, greenhouse
Jumping over cliff
General Buttons & Icons

All Icons & Buttons are designed by Maraike Büst using Freepik from (licensed under CC BY 3.0


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