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Fork-to-Farm agent-based Simulation Tool augmenting BIOdiversity in the Agri-Food VALUE Chain
Spotlight »
This section presents in short form current research topics of ZEU members.
CLImate INTelligence: Extreme Events Detection, Attribution and Adaption Design using Machine Learning
Flying Less Initiative »
Flying Less Pledge, Commitments
Impacts of Compound Weather Extremes in Crops in Germany: Present and Future
Digitale Nachhaltigkeitslehre »
Event report and Online-Workshop on Digitale Nachhaltigkeitslehre (in German)

Data- and AI- supported early warning system to stabilise the German economy

Transition Management »
Master's Programme on Transition Management
Determinants of Food Insecurity in Urban and Rural Afghanistan
Energy Transition »
e-Lecture Series on Energy Transition by Prof. Dr. Michael Düren
Eastern Mediterranean Marine Heatwaves »
Develop an enhanced Understanding of Oceanographic Processes and the Role of Atmospheric Forcing
Citizen Science in Hydrology
Global Agricultural Governance and Transnational Relations
Useful local Climate Information for Germany

SDGnexus Network »
Global Community of Universities, Research Centers and Stakeholders commited to promoting the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

Economic integration of livestock husbandry in the trans-border region of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
Water Resources, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Erosion and Land Management »
Different Projects in Eastern Africa, spanning Environmental Issues such as Water Resources, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Erosion and Land Management