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ZEU Research Projects




Fork-to-Farm agent-based Simulation Tool augmenting BIOdiversity in the Agri-Food VALUE Chain


Phenomenology of Hunting and Consumption of Migratory Birds in the Fereydoonkenar Wetlands

The main aim of the BIOVALUE project is to develop a dynamic and customizable tool that will analyse the link among biodiversity, the agri-food value chain, the environment and consumer’s preferences and health.

This project is the first study of the reasons for illegal hunting and consumption of migratory birds in the Fereydoonkenar international wetlands with a qualitative and phenomenological approach, which intends to provide measures and solutions for effective governance which aim at de-marketing the use of these products.


CLImate INTelligence: Extreme Events Detection, Attribution and Adaption Design using Machine Learning


Impacts of Compound Weather Extremes in Crops in Germany: Present and Future

Within the CLINT project, the ZEU investigates potential development mechanisms of extreme weather events and focuses on so-called concurrent extremes.

Impacts of compound weather extremes on crops in Germany: present and future (CROP) is part of the climXtreme Network which consists of different research institutions in Germany with the common goal to advance research on extreme events in the context of climate change.


Data and AI supported Early Warning Systems to stabilise the German Economy


Survey of Afghan households on their nutritional situation

The aim of the overall project "Data- and AI-supported early warning system to stabilise the German economy" (DAKI-FWS) is to develop new models and methods based on digital technologies by using different data sources and artificial intelligence to strengthen the resilience of the economy.

The project aims to analyse household consumption patterns in Afghanistan, measure the severity of food insecurity, explore coping strategies and identify determinants of food insecurity.

Eastern Mediterranean Marine Heatwaves

Understanding of Oceanographic Processes and the Role of Atmospheric Forcing


Citizen Science in Hydrologya

Based on ocean simulation and climate models, the project strives to develop an enhanced understanding of oceanographic processes and the role of atmospheric forcing.  


Global Agricultural Governance and Transnational Relations


Useful local Climate Information for Germany

 Global agricultural governance serves as a laboratory for analysing the three main dynamics in transnational relations: the rise of new actors, the proliferation of new governance approaches, and the intensified and complex interaction between different levels of governance.

The joint project "Useful local climate information for Germany (NUKLEUS)" represents the cross-sectional activity of RegIKlim (focus B) and deals with the provision of high-resolution climate information that is required for the Model Areas in Germany.


Virtual academic collaboration between Justus Liebig University Gießen and the University of Sydney:

SDGnexus Network

Sustainable Development Goals nexus Network

The project aims at the establishment of an international, cross-border, collaboration between Justus Liebig University Gießen (JLU) and the University of Sydney (USyd), which will allow for intercultural and academic exchanges between lecturers and students of Germany and Australia, in the academic field of Sustainable Development.

The SDGnexus Network is a global community of universities, research centers, and stakeholders committed to promoting the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.


Economic integration of livestock husbandry in the trans-border region of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

The project examines the impact of recent political rapprochement on trade opportunities for value and perishable fresh produce between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  

Water Resources, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Erosion and Land Management »

Different Projects in Eastern Africa, spanning Environmental Issues such as Water Resources, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Erosion and Land Management


As part of a various research cooperations between the ZEU, the Institute for Landscape Ecology and Resources Management (JLU Giessen) and other partners, we have established a number of projects in Eastern Africa, spanning environmental issues such as water resources, carbon and nitrogen cycling, erosion and land management.