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The SDGnexus Network supports students and young scientists at all stages of academic development. Qualifying students and scientists as agents of change and increasing their opportunities to better integrate in academia and the labor market, is one of the main objectives of the SDGnexus Network. Several activities help us achieve this objective. Learn more about our educational activities.



First, we contribute research-based curricula to the first fully online Degree Programme at JLU – The Master Degree Programme Sustainable Transition

The study programme focuses on understanding development and transition processes in agricultural and food systems. Food systems are at the heart of many SDGs. We want to train students to become agents of change, i.e. to become actively involved in sustainability transformations.

Moreover, the set-up of the Master Programme Sustainable Transition itself contributes to achieve the SDGs by offering students around the world to obtain a Master degree without the need to be present in Giessen. Hence, we offer inclusive higher education and explicitly implement inclusive didactic scenarios. For this reason, courses are realised by a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous elements and by using several different educational technologies.

For more information on the course curriculum and the application procedure please visit:


Further Information

Virtual International Program | JLU Digital Campus



Second, we offer a PhD Scholarship program aimed at an early involvement of young postdoc researchers in education and dissemination by supervising PhD students. Third, there are several MOOCs offered by our network host institutions/partners directly related to the SDGs.
Doctoral Students Universidad de Los Andes
Research Associates Universidad Nacional de Colombia