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22.03.2023 - Pilot Mentoring Program for Women Scientists (Programa Piloto de Mentoría para Mujeres Científicas - PROMEMCI)

The University of Cuenca - Ecuador, in cooperation with the SDGnexus Network, has developed the “Programa Piloto de Mentoría para Mujeres Científicas” or Pilot Mentoring Program for Women Scientists (PROMEMCI). This is a pioneer initiative in the country. The program’s primary objective is to encourage young female scientists to immerse themselves in the academic environment and build a broad network of academics interested in guiding master's and doctoral students and young professors in advancing their academic careers. The program was executed by the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Sciences (iDRHiCA) and the Ecuadorian Network of Women Scientists (REMCI).

PROMEMCI took place over four months, from October 2022 to January 2023. The program paired 17 mentees, including early career researchers, master’s students, and doctoral candidates, with 17 mentors according to their academic interests and needs. In addition to one-to-one mentoring sessions, the program consisted of an introductory workshop, two capacity-building workshops focusing on communication skills, personal awareness, and empowerment, a follow-up session for mentees, and a closing event.

According to the mentees, the program’s main achievements included opportunities for postgraduate students and young professionals to interact with a mentor from another faculty or research area. Specifically, mentors provided impartial guidance to help mentees achieve their academic and personal goals and support and advice to address academic challenges. Participants also indicated that they received extensive feedback, not only on academic issues but also on a personal level, enabling them to broaden their vision of the various opportunities for academic development and boost their confidence as young female scientists. All mentees indicated they would recommend their peers or co-workers to participate in the program.

The second phase of the program is set to launch in Spring 2023. For more information about the program and the call for applications, please visit: or contact:

Closing event, University authorities and PROMEMCI participants. Cuenca 2023