Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

PriOSS Expertise

Within PriOSS we are using and further developing a powerful microscopy technique allowing us to image every single bond of an organic molecule. This is done at very low temperatures close to absolute zero, in order freeze any unwanted motion while imaging. Not only the molecular structure is visualized but even intricate properties like molecular chirality. In between those photographic snapshots the surface is heated, and the thermal energy induces chemical reactions between the molecules, resembling the 2D analogy to traditional in-liquid synthesis.  This is termed 2D chemistry and obeys completely different reaction laws, eventually leading to new synthesis strategies. Additionally, we have employed this atomic force microscope to induce reactions between several surface molecules even at cryogenic temperatures by applying voltage pulses. This enables us to create new molecular structures, so far impossible to synthesize.

Molecule by molecule creation of covalent organic nanoarchitectures by scanning probe manipulation.
For this we are in very close contact to our partners from chemistry, who are synthesizing the molecular precursors (starting molecules) and also advise us with their expert knowledge in chemical synthesis. We also interact strongly with theory partners, who can simulate the molecular configurations of the molecules on the surface, making possible the clear identification of the structures. Furthermore, the simulations can reveal the exact energetics of the reaction pathways, yielding a complete picture of the on-surface reactions.