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Basic didactic principles and teaching methods for IPP members


In the framework of a cooperation between the project NIDIT (Network for Impactful Digital International Teaching Skills) and the IPP (International Doctoral Program "Literary and Cultural Studies") of the JLU, we kindly invite you to the preparatory training session for the workshop series “Basic Didactic Principles” on October 30th, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The workshop focuses on teaching methods and approaches essential for planning, preparing, and delivering teaching sessions in the academic setting of Literary and Cultural Studies. The preparatory training addresses key topics such as the conception of teaching and learning objectives, the integration of strategies for giving and receiving effective feedback, the application of strategies for formative assessment and the implementation of digital tools and new technologies for interactive teaching and learning activities. The aim of the four-part workshop series is to equip participants for the challenges of teaching in online and face-to-face settings by offering them an experimental space in which they can gain confidence in planning and implementing their courses.

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, this workshop consists of the following four phases with their respective contents:

  1. Workshop (Preparatory Training Session)
  • conception of learning objectives,
  • development of teaching-session planning,
  • understanding of a didactical reduction strategy,
  • structuring a teaching session: phases and activities,
  • giving and taking feedback,
  • conducting formative assessment.
  1. Visit to the lab for Innovative Teaching (The date of the laboratory visit will be agreed upon during the event)
  • overview of hardware and software for teaching,
  • impact of technology on teaching,
  • use of VR and AR hardware,
  • possibility to collect suggestions as to which software and hardware that could be used in literary and cultural studies should be purchased,
  • optional topic: gamification.
  1. Peer Review Process
  • Participants will prepare, plan, and deliver their own workshops on current concepts, methods, and approaches in cultural studies and receive feedback by NIDIT lecturer(s) and other participants of the workshop.
  1. Counseling (optional - this depends on whether participants want individual advice and follow-up support)
  • Participants receive individual follow-up coaching to discuss their strengths and weaknesses in lecturing based on the observations collected in the third phase. They also receive tips and tricks to improve their teaching methodology and presentation skills. 
  • Each section of the workshop contains background documents, formats, and PowerPoint presentations to introduce and explain each topic. Participants receive a detailed bibliography and handouts of digital tools and resources to help them plan their lessons.


Learning Objectives

Participants of this workshop will:

  • broaden their understanding and application of key teaching methods and approaches in the area of literary and cultural studies;
  • gain better insights into lesson planning, preparing, and delivering by considering major didactic principles and methods;
  • get acquainted with tips on how to conceive and elaborate learning objectives/outcomes;
  • practice how to provide effective feedback that reflects formative and on-going assessment of their learning group;
  • test innovative technologies in teaching and expand their knowledge of the effects of teaching techniques on literary and cultural studies;
  • identify and critically examine digital tools to be used in teaching;
  • observe and analyze their own teaching and that of others and receive guidance on how to enhance their lecturing skills and competencies.


Date October 30th, 2023 from 10 am to 1 pm.
Speakers Anna Jäger and Richard Vargas (International Teaching Team)
Target Group IPP doctoral candidates, members of other graduate centers at the JLU.
Format In presence at the New GCSC building (Otto-Behaghel-Str. 12, 35394 Giessen – Seminar Room 109);

To enroll, please write an email to the IPP Team:    

Language This event is held in English.