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Current Research Projects

On this page you will find current research projects of the Chair of Banking & Finance.


Sustainable Finance und Sustainable Investing:


  • Bannier, C. E., Bofinger, Y. & Rock, B. (2023). The risk-return tradeoff: are sustainable investors compensated adequately? Journal of Asset Management, vol. 24(3), 165-172. [Link]
  • Auzepy, A.Bannier, C. E., & Martin, F. (2023). Are sustainability-linked loans designed to effectively incentivize corporate sustainability? A framework for review. Financial Management, 52643675. [Link]
  • Auzepy, A.Bannier, C. E. (2022) Sustainability-Linked Loans: Effektive Unterstützung der Nachhaltigkeitstransformation durch Kreditfinanzierung? ESGZ Zeitschrift für Nachhaltigkeit und Recht, S. 40-45.


Sustainable Governance:


  • Auzepy, A.Bannier, C. E., & Martin, F. (2022). Walk the Talk: Shareholders’ Soft Engagement on Annual General Meetings. Center for Financial Studies Working Paper No. 689, 2023. [Link]
  • Bannier, C. E. und Reinschmidt, J. (2022). The effects of sustainable management compensation systems.
  • Bannier, C. E., Bauer, A., Bofinger, Y. und Ewelt-Knauer, C. (2020). Corporate Compliance Systems - The Effect on Equity and Credit Risk, Working Paper, Justus-Liebig-University Gießen [Link]


Climate Risks and Climate-related financial disclosures: 


  • Auzepy A, Tönjes E, Lenz D, Funk C (2023). Evaluating TCFD reporting—A new application of zero-shot analysis to climate-related financial disclosures. PLoS ONE 18(11): e0288052. [Link]
  • Auzepy, A.Bannier, C. E., Bofinger, Y.; Rock, B. (2022). Carbon Footprints & Equity Risk Assessments. SSRN Working Paper. [Link] 
  • Integrating Climate-related Risks into Banks' Risk Management: Status Quo & Opportunities (Auzepy, A., Bannier, C.E.)


Sustainable Finance Literacy: 


  • Sustainable Finance Literacy & Sustainability Preferences (Auzepy, A., Bannier, C.E., Gärtner, F.)