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Reviewed Articles

Reviewed Articles

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Working Papers

Working Papers

  • The sustainability trap: Active fund managers between ESG investing and fund overpricing (with Yannik Bofinger, Kim Heyden and Björn Rock), 2020
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Credit Risk (with Yannik Bofinger and Björn Rock), 2020
  • What could possibly go wrong? Predictable misallocation in simple debt repayment experiments (with Florian Gärtner and Darwin Semmler), 2020
  • Summarization in Financial Disclosures: Determinants and Effects of Prospectus Summaries (with Daniel Blaseg), 2020

  • Doing Safe by Doing Good: Non-Financial Reporting and the Risk Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility (with Yannik Bofinger and Björn Rock), 2020

  • Learning from the Bad Guys– What Investors Learn from Error Announcements over Time (with Corinna Ewelt-Knauer, Fabienne Hermann and Mohamed Khaled), 2020

  • The Corporate Compliance Function - Effects on Equity and Credit Risk (with Anastasia Bauer, Yannik Bofinger and Corinna Ewelt-Knauer), 2020

  • The symmetry and asymmetry of bidder and target termination fees in acquisitions, with Corinna Ewelt-Knauer and Jan-Philipp Kölling, 2020
  • CEO-speeches and stock returns, with Thomas Pauls and Andreas Walter, 2020
  • The role of financial literacy and confidence for entrepreneurship (with Carolin Schürg and Milena Schwarz), 2019
  • Does credit card repayment behavior depend on the presentation of interest payments? The cuckoo fallacy, with Florian Gärtner and Darwin Semmler, 2018
  • Performance-sensitive bank loans – The intertwined effects of performance measurement and pricing grid asymmetry, with Markus Wiemann, 2014, under revision.
  • Do credit ratings affect firm investments? The monitoring role of rating agencies, with Christian Hirsch and Markus Wiemann, 2013, under revision.
  • Bonuses as screening devices: The detrimental impact of labour market competition, with Eberhard Feess, 2012, under revision.
  • Credit rating agencies, financial market efficiency, and stability, with Marcel Tyrell, 2011, Working Paper Series: Finance and Accounting, No. 160 (revised), Goethe-University Frankfurt.
  • The capital structure of Germany’s Mittelstand – Data and literature review on an alleged equity gap, with Michael Grote, 2011.
  • Determinants of banks’ engagement in loan securitization, with Dennis Hänsel, 2010, Deutsche Bundesbank, Discussion Paper, Series 2: Banking and Financial Studies, No. 10.
  • Austausch von Kosteninformationen in Supply Chains – Open Book Accounting, Unsicherheit und Vertrauen, 2010.

Work in Progress

Work in progress


  • Sustainable Finance Literacy & Sustainability Preferences, mit Alix Auzepy und Florian Gärtner (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
  • Sustainable management compensation in Germany, mit Jan Reinschmidt (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
  • Managing Climate-related Financial Risks in the Banking Sector, mit Alix Auzepy (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
  • Walk the Talk: Shareholders’ Soft Engagement on Annual General Meetings, mit Alix Auzepy und Fabio Martin (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
  • Performance effects of diversity in corporate boards, mit Björn Rock und Benjamin Fiorelli (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)