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Research collaborations


1. EB - Sustainable Investment Management GmbH:

As part of the collaboration, the chair conducts research on Portfolio Management and Sustainability. Current research projects focus on the integration of ESG into strategic asset allocation, the trade-offs of firms in ESG orientation, and the influence of disclosure regulations on mutual funds.

Moreover, the EB-SIM frequently delivers guest lectures within various courses to provide students with a closer insight into ESG integration in the investment process


2. University of Marburg

Collaborating with the Chair of Behavioral Finance, led by Prof. Oscar Stolper, regular seminars are held to exchange the latest research findings and discuss current research methodologies. As a result, numerous research papers have been published, including in the Review of Financial Studies.





3. The Research Network for Behavioral and Social Finance & Accounting

Individuals are not always fully rational in their economic decision-making. While this insight has inspired many new research areas, it has not yet reached all areas of business research. While the behavioral theory itself is still evolving, it has recently been enriched by a social paradigm: It is not only the individual self that may deviate from rational decisions but it is also the social surrounding, be this culture, religion, ethics, language, neighborhood, or other social networks that one feels associated with, that may affect these decisions. The aim of the research cluster is to bring together the methodical essence of the behavioral and social research paradigm and apply the insights to different topics in the area of finance and accounting.


4. Akzentbereich Data Driven Economy

"New digital technologies open up new application fields and lead to an abundance of data. This results in new challenges for analyzing the economic and societal benefits of data - not only at the company level but also concerning the institutional, economic, societal, and ethical frameworks. The focal area of the Data-Driven Economy (DDE) is a consortium of various professorships across different departments at JLU (Justus Liebig University), which aim to tackle these challenges and explore the associated issues.


5. Zentrum verantwortungsbewusste Digitalisierung (ZEVEDI)

The Center for Responsible Digitalization (ZEVEDI) is a research and competence network that consolidates the scientific expertise of Hessian universities for analyzing the normative dimensions of digital transformation and contributes to shaping this transformation. The center specifies responsibility as a crucial aspect of technology development and works towards making it actionable. It provides research contributions, strengthens the transfer of knowledge into the economy and society, and offers research-based advice to policymakers on the topic - aiming for a democratic and humane orientation of digital transformation.
Established in November 2019, the center is conceptually and operationally under development until June 2021. ZEVEDI is supported by the Hessian State Minister for Digital Strategy and Development.

Project KI and Finance – "Innovation, resilience, and responsibility:

Artificial intelligence stands as a central driver within the modern financial sector. The extensive scope of AI applications encompasses terms like FinTech, RegTech, Big Data, digital central bank currency (CBDC), or algorithm-based credit scoring. However, the development of a normative regulatory framework for banks, customers, regulators, and central banks is still in its early stages. Due to the diversity and complex interaction among financial market actors, regulators face unique challenges in setting norms. The project group aims to contribute to the development of tailored regulatory designs for three regulatory areas: AI-based credit scoring, AI-based investor profiling, and CBDC and supervision.