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General Information on Term Papers

 General information about term papers

At the department BWL X, the processing time for the proseminar and seminar papers begins in the first week of the respective Semester.

  • Participation in the respective kick-off meetings is mandatory.
  • Individual start times are not allowed
  • The processing time is 8 weeks.

In addition, each student obliges to hold a presentation on the written paper two weeks after submission and discuss it with the course participants. Dates will be announced during the kick-off meeting.

The presentation is weighted at 30 %, the scientific paper at 70 % of the final note. Both parts of the examination have to be passed to complete the module.

Proseminar students should have completed the modules "Entrepreneurship" and / or "Technology and Innovation Management". Please note that the completion of the orientation phase is required to participate in the Proseminar.

Students of the master seminar should have completed the modules "Creativity and Entrepreneurship" and / or "Managing the Innovation Process".

Guidelines on formal and contextual requirements

The guidelines contain all relevant information on formal and contextual requirements of scientific papers at the department BWL X.

Each student is required to follow these formal and structural requirements. In addition to that, the guidelines also include helpful advice regarding the grading of written exams.

 Theses – schedules and topics

The application for theses, proseminars and Master seminars needs to be done via Studip under the event "Bewerbung Proseminar-, Seminar- und Thesisplätze".

For more information on the schedule and deadlines, please check the deadline list and Studip.

 Information on plagiarism

The creation of scientific work at the department BWL X is based on mutual trust. Students oblige to do any examination independently and without external help. This also comprises the correct quotation of copied phrases and text passages.Without any referenceto the original source of external material, your work will be regarded as plagiarism.

The department BWL X reserves the right to not papers and theses either in part or entirely in case of a plagiarism. With submission of the work students declare to accept these rules and allow us to analyze their paper with a plagiarism software.