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Research focus:

Research at the Chair of Technology, Innovation Management and Start-up Management (BWL X) is fundamentals- and application-oriented.


 The following goals are pursued:

  • Empirical findings on the subject area of the department
  • Relevance and methodical as well as conceptual accuracy
  • Realization of demanding projects by raising external research funds
  • Publication of our research results in relevant international journals
  • Strong integration into the focus area "Data-Driven Economy" of the Faculty of Economics (FB 02) at JLU Gießen


Our main topics are:

  • Strategic technology and innovation management: Technology and innovation strategies and new product development
  • Acceptance and adoption of smart technologies
  • Technology-driven business model innovation, technology, and innovation transfer and data management
  • Societal and social impacts of digital technologies and digital infrastructure
  • Technology and innovation marketing
  • Entrepreneurial behavior, decision making, and mindset
  • Start-up financing and founder selection
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing