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Experimental Research in Management (SS)

Content of the course "Experimental Research in Management" (Lecture + Workshop)

This course introduces the fundamental methodological issues that arise in experimental research.

Illustrative examples are drawn from the behavioral sciences with a focus on the behavior of consumers.

Topics that are covered include

    • Development of research idea à develop own ideas for experimental studies that will be presented, discussed and developed further in class.
    • Data collection and reliable measurement procedures
    • Threats to validity
    • Control procedures and experimental designs
    • Data analysis à emphasis on attaining working knowledge of the use of regression and analysis of variance methods for experimental data
    • Writing a scientific paper
    • Reviewing a scientific paper


Aim of the course

Throughout the course the students will

    • Acquire and develop skills on experimental research

    • Develop and present their own research idea

    • Design an experiment to support dissertation

    • Write manuscript draft

    • Provide a review to a peer’s manuscript


Target group

Target group of this course are preliminary PhD students, but the course is also open to master and post-doctoral students with a focus on management topics, e.g. marketing, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc.


If you are interested in participating, please apply until tba per Email to .


Course structure

Module code: 02-BWL:MSc-B10-1
Responsible for the course: Prof. Dr. Monika Schuhmacher
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Monika Schuhmacher 

Summer term                                         

Examination based on:
  • Development of research ideas on a given topic
  • Two presentations on own research idea
  • Writing a scientific paper
  • Reviewing a scientific paper
Course language: English
Requirements: No
Lecture time:
  1. Block: tba
  2. Block: tba
  3. Block: tba
  4. Block: tba
  5. Block: tba