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Your additional value

"If the corporate world has a Holy Grail, it’s innovation."
- Geoffrey Moore

The objective of the department BWL X is to keep close contact with companies. We set the focus on collaborations for research and teaching which are highly related to practice. We offer a great variety of activities in order to establish and expand the transfer of knowledge between companies, department and students. Together with you as a manager or an entrepreneur, we deal with current problems in the fields of technology, innovation and start-up management and provide support for solutions by means of current research findings and professional Impulses.


Benefit on multiple levels from cooperating with our department:


Transfer of knowledge

  • Innovation Insights – We support the decision-making process with regard to strategic and operational issues by means of studies based on your individual requirements.
  • Corporate Lecturing –  Transfer of knowledge and skills enhancement concerning technology and innovation issues affecting your company



  • Commitment to science - Promotion of exciting projects in the fields of technology, innovation and start-up management also means promoting the science location Germany
  • Innovation Lab -  Within four months (April-July, October-January), approx. 10 students, who are about to graduate, develop innovative solutions and a data basis which is crucial for the decision-making process.
  • Doctorate (PhD) with a strong focus on practice:- Promotion candidates or master students develop concepts and conduct studies to solve problems of your company.


  • Guest lectures - Your company presents interesting facts of the fields of technology, innovation or start-up management and receives useful feedback from students. Moreover, your company can call attention to talented students.
  • Talent Placement - We offer a platform to introduce our top undergraduate and graduate students to your company (for example, in workshops)