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General information

If you are thinking about working on a topic in a scientifically sound and in-depth manner and presenting this in writing and orally to your peers, a doctorate may be an opportunity that challenges you and that you would like to pursue! You can find our current doctoral regulations HERE

1. Search for a supervisor

Faculty 03 is made up of seven institutes, which in turn are made up of very different professorships. HERE you will find an overview of our diverse range of educational science, artistic, political science and sociological research fields.  

2. An important decision: Monograph or cumulative dissertation

As part of your doctorate, you can write a complete work in the form of a monograph. However, you can also create a jacket text that summarizes the development and the main results of the scientific contribution of your publications (published or accepted after peer review). For the latter option, the so-called cumulative dissertation, you will find the necessary conditions here Link to the current kumu handout (now available 8/23). If you are accepted as a doctoral candidate before 24.05.2023, the information provided to you at the time applies.

3. Binational doctoral procedure (cotutelle procedure)

If you are collaborating with or conducting research at an international university as part of your doctoral project, you have the option of carrying out a cotutelle procedure. You can find further information HERE

4. Acceptance as a doctoral candidate

In order to be officially accepted as a doctoral candidate at Faculty 03, the documents must be submitted to the Examinations Office (link to US) in accordance with Section 11 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations.  
The application Link hier for acceptance as a doctoral candidate must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Doctoral Committee. 
The complete application documents must be submitted to the Examinations Office on time and in paper form. The dates of the meetings of the doctoral committee and the application deadlines can be found HERE

5. Interim reports   

From the third year of your doctorate onwards, you are obliged to submit an interim report every year which outlines the progress of your academic studies. This interim report must first be submitted to your supervisor for approval, signed off by him/her and then forwarded to the doctoral committee. Link here > Document finalized

6. Opening of the examination procedure

After completion of your dissertation - be it a monograph or a cumulative work - the following documents must now be submitted to the doctoral committee:
(1) Informal application for the opening of the examination procedure with nomination of first and second assessor or third assessor in the case of a cumulative doctorate as well as proposals for two further professorial members for the examination committee. Document still to be created Link soon here 
(2) 3 printed copies of the dissertation, each with an additional data carrier (bound, on which all text documents and other data contained in the written version are included). 
(3) Furthermore, the dissertation must be sent as a pdf file to the examination office at

7. What happens now?

Once you have submitted all documents in full, the doctoral committee has approved the opening of your procedure and confirmed the composition of the examination committee, your dissertation will enter the review phase. The reviews should be submitted after 5 months at the latest. Once the reviews have been received, the dissertation and reviews are made available to the department (2 weeks during the lecture period and 4 weeks during the lecture-free period). You will receive the reviews - as well as any additional reviews - after the end of the display in preparation for the defense. The disputation, in which you present and defend your research results in public at the university, can take place at the earliest 10 days after the end of the display period in order to ensure that the invitation can be issued on time.  

8.  After the disputation 

You will receive a certificate confirming that the examination procedure has been completed. The certificate will be issued to you as soon as the publication required by the doctoral degree regulations (§ 23) has taken place. The certificate from the university library (for electronic publication via ) or a publishing contract (signed by both parties) as well as the abstract (maximum 1000 characters with the approval of the supervisor) must be submitted to the Examination Office. The doctoral degree may only be used once the certificate has been issued. Furthermore, you are obliged to send 4 specimen copies to the University Library and 2 specimen copies to the Examination Office after publication at publisher level.