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Degree Courses

Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences
The Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences is a joint degree program of the subjects Sociology and Political Sciences of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies (Faculty 03) of JLU Giessen. The main subject is the analysis of society, its subareas, structures, conditions, and developments as well as their interactions with the actions of single persons.
Master of Arts Democracy and Governance
Democracies as a form of government and the democratic rule as such form a central leitmotif of the field of Political Sciences. So, how are we able to realize democratic principles, while the boundaries of problematic situations are expanding and the structures of governance are constantly renewed and increasingly informal? This question acts as the central subject of investigation within this degree course which is the only one of its kind that focuses on the connection between Democracy and Governance.
Teaching Degree Basic Sciences Courses and Subject "Politics and Economics"
Within the studies of a German Teaching Degree, the Department of Political Sciences covers the following areas: Teaching Qualification for Primary Education (L1), Teaching Qualification for Lower – Secondary Education (L2), Teaching Qualification for Grammar Schools (L3), Teaching Qualification for Special-Needs Education (L5) as well as a part of the Basic Studies in all Teaching Degree Programs.
Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts - minor Political Studies
The Department of Political Science also offers Political Science as a minor subject. It is offered as a ‘big’ as well as ‘small’ minor subject for Bachelor programs and as a ‘big’ minor subject for Master programs.