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Partner Institutions



Institution Mobility number study cycle subject area
Austria Linz Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich 2 BA Education
Vienna FH Campus Wien 2 BA Education
Finland Joensuu University of Eastern Finland 2 all Education
France Toulouse University of Toulouse - Jean Jaures 2 all Education
Greece Thessaloniki International Hellenic Uiversity 2 all Education (early childhood)
Italy Bolzano Freie Universität Bozen - Bolzano 2 all Education
Poland Lodz University of Lodz 2 all Education
Slovakia Presov University of Presov 3 all Education (early childhood)
Spain Santander University of Cantabria 2 BA Education
A Coruña University of A Coruña 2 all Education
Lleida University of Lleida 2 all Education
Sweden Linköping Linköping University 2 all Education
Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Kültür University 3 all Education