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A BA Degree in Anglophone Studies from the JLU

English is the key to the world. Our Bachelor Degree program in Anglophone Studies gives you that key by allowing you to study the full range of related fields, including Linguistics, Anglophone Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies as well as Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Students begin their studies by taking introductory and intermediate modules in all of the fields named above as well as in Practical Language Training. These courses aim to familiarize students with every aspect of communicating in the world’s lingua franca, interacting with Anglophone cultures as well as learning to teach English as a foreign language. They will empower you to perform independent media, linguistic, cultural and teaching scenario analyses. The introductory courses introduce you to the basic theories and concepts in these fields and enable you to discuss subjects and present information in English. The intermediate courses build on your knowledge and skills and strengthen your communication and analytical skills. After completing the introductory and intermediate courses, you can choose to focus on


Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies,


Linguistics, or


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).


In Literary, Cultural, and Media studies, we maintain traditional foci on narrative analysis, literary theory, and literary history. We have added to this with new emphases in media studies, media production as well as advertising cultures, and cultural politics. Additionally, a new module in Gender, Sexuality, and Diversity demonstrates how categories of identity involving sexual orientation and gender intersect with ethnicity, class, religion, and ability.


The Linguistics section offers expertise in various branches of structural and applied analyses of English with special foci on historical linguistics and varieties of English around the world, including standard and non-standard Englishes. Our courses cover a variety of topics related to language in social interaction, language and mind, and the analysis of language structures today and across time.


In the advanced TEFL courses, you will learn to foster and assess students’ language proficiency, to introduce them to cultural artefacts and media, and discover how to create and discuss scenarios for intercultural learning.


The BA degree program also includes a practical training module, in which students have the opportunity to gain work experience in a possible future career such as public relations, journalism or academic management, to name only a few possibilities. As part of the practical language courses, students will automatically acquire the UniCert Certificate III. Additionally, you can choose to do more courses in practical English language training in order to acquire the UniCert Certificate IV.


If you wish to focus entirely on Anglophone Studies, you have the opportunity to study a “one-subject” Bachelor Degree in Anglophone Studies. In this program, you can choose a Major, for instance, in Linguistics, accompanied by a Minor in Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies, or in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Alternatively, students can complement their Anglophone Studies Major with a Minor from one of the other foreign languages departments at the JLU (e.g., French, Spanish, Russian, etc.) or with a Minor in Sociology, Political Science, or Educational Science. 


The course of studies runs for six semesters and consists of 180 credit points. It begins in the winter semester in October of each year.


Please click here for the module descriptions and exam regulations of B.A. Angophone Studies.