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Prof. Dr. Xun Luo - Chair

Foto: JLU / Rolf K. Wegst


Dr. Xun Luo completed his Ph.D. in the department of intercultural business communication at the University of Jena, Germany. Since fall 2022, he is Professor in intercultural communication and business at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen.

Dr. Luo conducts research at the intersection of culture, communication, new media, and organization. His research interests have evolved and branched out in several directions. The most significant among them pertains to intercultural learning and education, organizational culture and development in the digital age, diversity and innovation, political communication in China, and the Chinese diaspora in Germany. Given the interdisciplinary nature of these topics, which spans disciplines such as sociology, communication studies, management studies, and China studies, he employs mixed methods to gain in-depth knowledge of the research issues. His intellectual goal is to create generalizable knowledge by considering diverse cultural perspectives and to address pressing public issues with scientific rigor and intellectual depth.

Corresponding to his research interests, Dr. Luo has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses on intercultural communication, intercultural management, and research methods in intercultural studies. In addition to knowledge-based teaching, he also engaged in project-based teaching by combining innovative instructional approaches with real projects acquired from the industry.

Before his academic career, Dr. Luo worked as a journalist and management trainee in Beijing and Shanghai. Since 2010 he has led numerous executive training programs, consulting, and coaching projects on intercultural management and business communication for a wide range of business corporations and public institutions. In addition, he holds different leadership positions in a volunteer capacity with non-profit organizations dealing with intercultural challenges.

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Research Interests

  • Intercultural learning and education
  • Organizational culture and development in the digital age
  • Diversity and innovation
  • Political communication in China
  • The Chinese Diaspora in Germany


  • Introduction to Intercultural Business Communication (B.A.)
  • Culture, Communication and Organization (M.A.)
  • Research Methods in Intercultural Studies I,II (B.A., M.A.)
  • Project Management and Teamwork (B.A., M.A.)

Contact and Office hours

Prof. Dr. Xun Luo
Chair of Intercultural Communication and Business (ICB)

Room 430
Otto-Behagel-Strasse 10 B
35394 Giessen

  • Office hours: by appointment
  • Email:
  • Phone: +49 641 - 99 30300