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Göpferich (2015)

Göpferich, Susanne (2015). Text Competence and Academic Multiliteracy: From Text Linguistics to Literacy Development. Europäische Studien zur Textlinguistik 16. Tübingen: Narr.

This book makes text linguistics fruitful for the development of text competence, i.e., the competence to read, write and learn from texts. Covering a range of topics from text linguistic foundations, text comprehension and comprehensibility assessment via text production processes and writing skills development to writing instruction and multiliteracy, it addresses challenges of the post-Bologna Reform era with its shorter degree programs, a larger student intake in universities and thus more heterogeneous entrance qualifications including writing skills. All of these factors make it necessary to foster students' writing skills development in a more efficient and effective manner. How this can be implemented is the central question of this book. It is among the first to combine the US-American discourse on literacy development with the German discourse and addresses different audiences: Bachelor, master and post-graduate students interested in writing research will be introduced to pertinent theories and models on which their research can be based. Writing instructors, writing centre staff as well as subject-domain teachers will find guidance on how to improve their writing assignments and feedback practices. University administrators and program coordinators can inform themselves about best-practice approaches to writing instruction and support at different levels ranging from individual courses via entire programs to central support structures such as teaching and writing centres.

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