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Important Information for Students

This page lists important announcements concerning study and examination regulations in English linguistics, as well as links to further information and services provided by JLU for its students.

Study advisors

If you have any questions concerning your course of study in the field of English linguistics, please get in touch with your respective study advisor.

Resits and compensatory exams

Resits and compensatory exams

If you are in a modularized course of study and have failed one of your courses, please consider these notes (in German) on resits and compensatory exams in English linguistics.

  • This applies to: B.A. students, M.A. students, students in modularized TEFL courses
Credit in advanced modules

Credit in advanced modules

From summer semester 2012, B.A. students in advanced modules will have to choose the seminar they want to have credit for at the beginning of the semester. Please note these regulations (in German).

  • This applies to: B.A. students who began an advanced module (Vertiefungsmodul) in the summer semester 2012 or later
Theses for the MFKW degree course and ELLC main subject

Theses for the MFKW degree course and ELLC main subject

The examiners in English Linguistics are only able to supervise a limited number of theses per year each. For BA theses, the limit is 25 per year and examiner.

According to the Thesis Module Description, your BA thesis is to be written at the end of your third year of studies (6th semester) in the core area ("Schwerpunktbereich") in which you have completed two advanced modules ("Vertiefungsmodule").

If Linguistics is your core area, you need to contact an examiner in Linguistics before (!) your semester abroad to ensure you have an examiner for your thesis!

Please check important deadlines for final theses (registration, submission) on the website of the Akademisches Prüfungsamt Geisteswissenschaften:
(Note: "BA/MA 2. Termin" is meant for students who return late from their semester abroad. If you choose this option, you cannot enrol in a Master's degree at JLU before the following summer semester.)

You need to download the relevant documents for registration from the website of the Akademisches Prüfungsamt.

  • This applies to: MFKW students with English linguistics as their core area of studies, students with ELLC as their main subject and English linguistics as their core area of studies
Registration for final exams

Registration for final exams / theses

For your final examinations and your final theses in linguistics you need to register directly with the respective examiner.

A list of the potential examiners and information on how to register can be found here.

  • This applies to: BA, MA and Staatsexamen candidates