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Slavic Linguistics

Welcome to the world of Slavic linguistics! Slavic linguistics in Giessen is characterized by a wide range of research activities and we regularly offer courses in all major linguistic disciplines. A Slavic approach to linguistics is essential in research and teaching, i.e. the Slavic languages are analyzed comparatively and individual languages are considered within the overarching Slavic context. In terms of methodology and sub-disciplines, Slavic linguistics in Giessen is shaped by both theoretical and applied linguistics as well as interdisciplinary sub-fields of linguistics. The main areas of focus are: sociolinguistics, language policy, language contact, standard language research, semantics and functional-semantic consideration of language. Slavic linguistics offers courses for students of all levels and programs (BA, MA, teaching). The linguistic courses cover current developments in Slavic languages as well as various historical epochs. The range of courses includes both core areas of linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, historical linguistics, etc.) as well as applied areas of linguistics (lexicography, grammaticography, language policy, etc.). Regular overview lectures on the Slavic languages and cultures, the history of the Slavic languages, the history of the discipline in the Slavic countries or the current developments in the Slavic languages are aimed at students in all programs. Theses at all levels are supervised.

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