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Birds: They dance, fight and dream of Baroque songs. "Bookpink" - in low German chaffinch - written by Caren Jeß is consisting of several mini scenes around bidrs. The dirty peacock (he/him) writes his memories, the white pigeon (she/her) feels imprisoned on the camping area and the marsh tit (he/him) questions the male gender. 13 birds who actually are natural free creatures are caught by different circumstances, e.g. gender norms, the supposed wrong birth place or a glass case. On the BOX-stage the attempt of a re-start hatches out.

Language of the play is German.


Tanja Merlin Graf (performer), Lotte Schubert (performer), Leon Bornemann (director), Vincent Krafft (stage), Lucia Bushart (costume), Mia Germer (dramaturgy)


  • Performance
  • Final piece