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consultation hours

directions to stages, rental of technical equipment, media library


contact the secretariat:


general contact:

Secretariat of the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies
room 108
Gutenbergstr. 6
35390 Gießen


phone: 0641 99-31221 / -31238

Fax: 0641 99-31229


Sonja Bischoff

phone: 0641-99-31235


Sylvie Guillou

phone: 0641 99-31221


Julie Pownall

phone: 0641 99-31238




Please keep in mind that the former address of the institute, Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21 A, isn't available due to construction works!


 opening hours of the secretariat:

Monday: 10am - 3pm

Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

Wednesday: closed

Thursday: 10 am - 3pm

Friday: 10am - 3pm


contact for the study course MA CuP:

Institute for Applied Theatre Studies
Gutenbergstr. 6
35390 Gießen

contact: Rose-Anabel Beermann


chairman of the examination committee department 05

Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund



contact the professors:

Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund (managing director):

phone: 0641 99-31220


Dr. Martina Ruhsam:

phone: 0614 99-31234