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DAS ERGEBNIS! Die Wahl der Nicht_Wahlberechtigten

The results are announced! 
On the 10th of July 2021 the election of the non_eligibles to vote took place right in the center of the market place in Giessen. Regardless of gender, race, language, income or property, profession, status or class, education, confession or political conviction, all people who are usually NOT allowed to vote in Germany, could vote AGAINST one party with their electoral participation. 
Be curious about the results of the election and the speeches of our guests!

KiZ, Südanlage 3a in Gießen

eine Kunstaktion von Melina Brinkmann

  • Exhibiition
  • Friday, 8. April 17:00-20:00 h 
  • Saturday, 9. April 14:00-20:00 h 
  • Sunday, 10. April 14:00-20:00 h


DAS ERGEBNIS! Die Wahl der Nicht_Wahlberechtigten
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