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piece for drumset and powerpoint

Every beat a syllable, every syllable a beat. With this method, “piece for drumset and powerpoint“ writes an essay. Using a strangely silent version of karaoke, the text explores the limits of language and understanding – and what might come after. What starts as a text slowly turns into a concert. The stiffness of the powerpoint presentation stand in opposition to the seemingly loose improvisation of the drums. The audience is positioned between those two elements and has to decide which side tells a more credible story. Max Smirzitz constructs a performative arrangement that investigates the intersections of language, rhythm, timing and time.


Text, Sound and Performance: Max Smirzitz
im Rahmen des Dramatiker*innenfestival 2022
veranstaltet von Schauspielhaus Graz und DRAMA FORUM, uniT, mit Unterstützung des Deutschen Literaturfonds e.V.


  • Performance



  • 08.06.22, 7pm, Vogelsaal Palais Attems, Graz