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In this performance, the coming together of people is simulated as an emergency. So we meet to examine our coming together itself.We take apart gestures and positions to reoccupy our memories of a resuscitation training. Between tension and relaxation, unconsciousness and expansion of consciousness, we sound out how we relate to each other and how we might relate to each other differently. A familiar situation becomes a measure with artistic means.
Can we train coming together as a new sport?

"Deepfake Situations" are misappropriations of everyday situations, with the goal of asking about the foundations of how we come together. In contrast to the illusions created by AI, "Deepfake Situations" are about the advancement of human abilities to construct new situations. The "Deepfakes" produced therefore use methods of readymade, intervention, and learning play, among others. "Deepfake Situations" was created at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies, showed various projects in Frankfurt (Main), Mannheim, Bochum, Berlin, Stockholm and Skopje, among others, and consists of Felix Falczyk and Johanna Herschel.

  • Performance


The performance "Resuscitation Training" as part of the ARENA-Festival is supported by the Giessener Hochschulgesellschaft.


  • 25.06.2022, 1pm,  Friedrich-Sponsel-Sporthalle, ARENA-Festival Erlangen


Reanimationstraining / Resuscitation Training
© Falczyk/Herschel, Foto: Rolf K. Wegst