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Public Conversations “Practices: Strategies and Tactics”

This series of public conversations pursues research about the practices of artists, curators, theoreticians and how they work. It is an inquiry about how their work structures their life and vice versa.  

The meetings will be guided by questions about what and how they do and make “things” related to art and their everyday life, exploring notions such as: tactics, strategies, freedom, making a living, application, project, embodiment, friendship, individual, collective… as well as other current  concerns, related to their contexts and practices.

The different guests are invited to participate in a public conversation in the evening and a “studio visit” during the day, in which the students of the institute will have the occasion to invite them to share questions about their current works; show something; or have a one on one conversation about a topic of their interest.

Next Dates:

MALA KLINE // 22.05.2024

Mala Kline is a performer, choreographer and writer. Her artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the practice of dreaming. Her extensive oeuvre is based on the Saphire® dreaming techniques, which she uses to open up ingenious spaces of experience and generate semantically fluid contradictory imagery marked by atmospheric intensity. With her works she creates unique worlds weaved through the language of dreaming. Mala Kline won a series of major Slovenian awards for her choreographic works, including the Golden Bird Award (2005), Triton Award (2005, 2013), Gibanica audience award (2013, 2023) the Ksenija Hribar Award for choreography (2013) and the Ksenija Hribar Award for theory (2021) among others. She is the author of two books, Capfico: Writings From the Belly of the Whale published by Capfico/Madrid, and Theaters of Potential: Between Ethics and Politics published by Maska/Ljubljana. In 2018, she founded ELIAS 2069 institute – a school, an art residency space, an ecological farm and an outdoor spa, located in a pristine natural resort deep in the wilderness of the southern Slovenia and dedicated to education and creation through dreaming.


Past Dates:


Antonia Baehr // 09.11.2022 

Matthias Mohr // 23.11.2022

João Fiadeiro // 07.12.2022

Melanie Mohren & Bernhard Herbordt // 17.01.2023

Carolina Mendonça // 01.02.2023

Rolf Michenfelder // 08.02.2023

Ana Vujanović // 19.04.2023

Bojana Cvejić // 03.05.2023

Joanna Tischkau // 10.05.2023

Giulia Casartelli // 24.05.2023

Susanne Zaun & Judith Altmeyer // 14.06.2023

Florence Lam // 28.06.2023

Olivia Hyunsin Kim // 05.07.2023



RABIH MROUÉ // 6.12.2023


SWOOSH LIEU // 17.1.2024

ARKADI ZAIDES // 31.1.2024