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On this page we present the various teaching activities within the section of Climatology, Climate Dynamics and Climate Change. Please have a look at the current university calendar for information about specific courses.

Climate geography

Our group is responsible for the Introduction to Physical Geography and Climatology. The climate system is one of the most important subsystems of the geo system and of major relevance for ecology, economics, environmental planning and spatial differentiation of the anthropogenic and economic system. The lecture introduces in the physical basics and contributes to a better understanding of the climate as a part of the geo system. The lecture also deals with prominent phenomena of the global climate system (ENSO, Monsoon, NAO, PNA, etc.), develops understanding of the processes and the impacts of past, present and future climate change. Furthermore, current topics concerning global climate change are discussed. In addition, the lecture aims to give a better understanding of interdisciplinary climate research.

Introduction to Statistics

The lecture “Introduction to Statistics for Geographers” is also one of our responsibilities. Statistics inevitably will be part of every Geographer's academic studies and future career, be it within Physical Geography when climate data or the soil properties have to be analysed or within the Human Geography when questionnaires have to be interpreted and evaluated.

We provide a consistent and clear approach to statistics and discuss why specific methods are relevant for particular research questions and how they work. Mathematics is used mainly as a supporting tool - it is important for us that the students learn about the principles and, even more, the difficulties and pitfalls when applying statistical methods.


A large part of the Bachelor studies in Geography at Giessen University consists of projects, in which expertise and methodological skills are taught using clear-cut research questions. We offer projects dealing with a wide variety of weather and climate-related topics. Lectures are complemented by computer exercises dealing with statistical methods and geographical information systems as well as field studies. Some projects, mainly those with a focus on the implications of climate change, are offered in cooperation with other working groups of our department. Changes to the hydrological cycle, palaeoclimatology, climate change and regional planning, as well as weather analysis and forecasting, are examples of projects offered so far. The fundamental research results of climate science are published in English, thus we offer parts of the projects in English.

 Further courses

Furthermore our group offers special courses including seminars or excursions. Topics of the last semesters were e.g. weather extremes and their impacts, controversies in climate science, climate change in the Mediterranean region and climate change, health and nutrition security. Switzerland and Scotland were the destinations of our last 10-day excursions.