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We are working on current topics regarding novel materials implementing new and multiple functions as well as on sustainable chemistry and recovery, urban mining and recycling of critical resources.

Combinations of materials to novel composites reveal a new level of multifunctionality that can be used for many applications.

Dealing with end of life products and waste allows for new strategies to handle the criticality of resources as this type of recovery is a reverse approach of typical material synthesis.

If you are interested in such hot developments, you can ask for Bachelor-, Master- and Doctoral Thesis topics as well as join our team as advanced student (Spezialisierung, Vertiefung).


In addition to Prof. Müller-Buschbaumand his Sekretariat, Dr. Würtele is also the contact person.

If you have specific questions about sustainability, you can also contact Julian Burkhart; if you have questions about MOFs, you can contact Victoria Dreschler.