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Inorganic chemistry with a focus on materials and energy

AG Lepple is working on the development and investigation of innovative high-performance ceramics for efficient energy conversion and storage.

Central focuses:

  • New ceramics for high-temperature applications that are stable over long periods in aggressive atmospheres
  • New ceramics for energy storage (electrode materials, ion conductors)
  • New ceramics for sustainable energy generation and catalysis

Further information on the research topics of the working group can be found here.




15.07.-18.07.2024 Federation of European Materials Societies Junior EUROMAT 2024 (FEMS Junior EUROMAT 2024)
  In July, Giulia Bianchi and Benjamin Zimmermann will take part in the FEMS Jnnior EUROMAT 2024 in Manchester and will each present their research in a lecture. Giulia's presentation on high-entropy oxides will be entitled "New High-Entropy Oxides as Potential Thermal Barrier Coatings: Study on Different Compositions and Synthetic Approaches". Benjamin will give a talk on his battery research entitled "New Multicomponent Li-Garnets as Solid Electrolyte Material for Li-Ion Batteries".



Info event

Information event on the new Master's degree program "Sustainable Chemistry"

  We are delighted that Prof. Lepple, together with other professors, will be presenting the new Master's degree course at an information event. The course is intended to provide comprehensive knowledge on the sustainable design of chemical processes and products and prepare students for innovative research projects.


HTCPM 2024,
Les Embiez island



In June, Jonas Pflug took part in the High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials (HTCPM) symposium in France, where he presented his research findings on the corrosion of thermal barrier coatings in the form of a poster entitled "Investigation of Multicomponent Equimolar Rare-Earth Zirconates". He also took the opportunity to exchange ideas with other researchers about their research work on corrosion.


Metal and Alloys UBT Seminar


Giulia Bianchi had the opportunity to familiarize herself with the working methods of the partnership during a seminar held by her cooperation partner from Bayreuth. She presented the results of her research in a talk entitled "Influence of cationic parameters and synthetic route on phase formation and thermophysical properties of multicomponent equimolar oxides".



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Maren Lepple


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