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The Center for Materials Research

Welcome to the web sites of the Center for Materials Research

Welcome to the web sites of the Center for Materials Research!

The Center for Materials Research is an interdisciplinary university research center at JLU.
It is dedicated to the implementation of joint research projects, the support of the study courses in materials science and it promotes scientific qualification in materials research.

An overview of our scientific team is available under 
Team & Topics.

The center provides the participating research groups with central experimental resources in its
Method Platforms.

The ZfM coordinates the JLU research profile area ("area of
Material and Energy (focus: storage materials). 

Further information on our tasks can be found under
About us.


Picture of the Month - April 2024

Plasma Experiments on the ISS

The picture shows the Swedish astronaut Marcus Wandt in front of the experiment PK-4 (“plasma crystal experiment #4”) in the European Columbus module on the ISS. The experiment, in which the JLU Plasma and Space Physics working group is involved, is used to investigate dusty plasmas in weightlessness and has been operated on the ISS since 2014. In this way, the behavior of strongly interacting many-body systems can be studied without interference. Marcus Wandt took part in Axiom Mission 3 of the space company Axiom Space on the ISS from January 20th to February 7th, 2024 and supported the implementation of the 18th experimental campaign with PK-4.

This picture was submitted by Prof. Dr. Markus Thoma, Photo by Walter Villadei.

Further insights into the research activities of the ZfM groups can be found in the Gallery.


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