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About the ZfM - Tasks and Objectives

Tasks and objectives

Center for Materials Research - an interdisciplinary university research center -

Mission Statement

The Center for Materials Research (ZfM/LaMa) is an cross-departmental institution of the Justus Liebig University Gießen, which is open to all JLU groups working in the field of materials science. The Center for Materials Research supports and networks these JLU groups, coordinates materials science research and promotes teaching in the field of materials science. The work is focused on the development of cooperative research projects, their coordination and the establishment of a sustainable network with external academic and industrial partner institutions.


Tasks and objectives of the ZfM

  • The ZfM initiates and organises collaborative projects within the JLU and with other universities. Cooperation with the Scientific Centre for Materials Science (WZMW) at the University of Marburg is of particular importance.

  • The ZfM increases the visibility of materials science both within the JLU as well as externally.

  • The ZfM organizes and coordinates doctoral training in materials research groups at the JLU.

  • The ZfM promotes the establishment and work of junior research groups in the field of materials research.

  • The ZfM supports the faculties in the implementation and organization of materials science-oriented courses, in particular within the framework of the BSc and MSc courses in materials science, chemistry and physics.

  • In the context of internationalization, the ZfM initiates and supports cooperations in the fields of research and teaching.

  • The ZfM coordinates and supports the joint method platforms in the participating working groups.

  • The ZfM promotes and supports the transfer of knowledge and technology from materials science research.

Please find the Statute of the Center for Materials Research here.