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In materials research as an interdisciplinary and application-oriented science, industrial cooperations are of crucial importance to make scientific results usable for the benefit of people.
Several research groups of the ZfM therefore cooperate with innovative companies within the framework of transfer projects. A main focus is on companies in the region of Central Hesse.
The university and the industrial companies involved benefit equally from such projects: The education of students, doctoral candidates and postdocs becomes broader, more application-oriented and thus altogether more attractive through industrial internships and through lectures by scientists from the companies. On the other hand, the companies establish valuable contacts to well-founded and accurately trained young scientists and thus to potential future employees. In addition, the companies involved can access high-quality methods for material characterization and synthesis, which are operated by renowned experts at the ZfM, at favorable conditions and with little administrative effort.

Currently, groups of the ZfM are involved in the following EU-funded transfer projects:

ERDF Innovation Lab "Rough-Ambient Physics"

ERDF Innovation Lab "High-Performance Materials"