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  • Theses
At the Institute of Plant Ecology, theses can be written for Bachelor, Master and Biology teacher training programs. The list of previous theses below shows a wide range of possible topics that can be treated in theoretical literature work as well as practical-experimental. Due to hygiene regulations during the Covid19 pandemic, contact-intensive undergraduate and graduate theses in the laboratory and greenhouse are currently avoided and mainly literature theses are offered here.
Basic topics for theses are:
  • Topics of global climate impact research (Prof. Müller, Dr. Moser)
  • Climate impact research with the factors of influence of increased atmospheric CO2 concentration and increased air temperature on plant growth and greenhouse gas balance (Dr. Moser, Dr. Deppe)
  • Climate change mitigation-adaptation: soil amendments such as biochar and bioadsorbers to optimize water balance in the Soil-Plant Atmosphere Continuum (Prof. Koyro)
  • Material cycles and process understanding of greenhouse gas production in soil (Prof. Müller, Dr. Kleineidam, Dr. Deppe )
  • Stress Ecology (Prof. Koyro)
  • Study of survival strategies of extremophytes (Prof. Koyro)
  • Environmental pollution and ecotoxicology (Prof. Koyro)
  • Mathematical and individual-based modeling in ecology (Prof. Müller, Dr. Grüters)
  • Investigation of sustainable ecosystems (including Terra preta), (Dr. Moser, Prof. Müller)
Contact:; 0641-9935301; 0641-9935313; 0641-9935301; 0641-9935320; 0641-9935326, 0160-90709033, 0641-9935314, 0171-2187655